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Psychic Readings Come In All Shapes And Sizes

Psychic Readings Come In All Shapes and Sizes by Vivian.

There are many different ways that people tune into others while predicting their fortunes or futures. Some are called fortune tellers, psychics, tarot readers, clairvoyants, mediums, empaths and astrologers. There are a few more, but let’s focus on these for now A fortune teller will tell your fortune or future using various tools. Some use crystal balls, playing cards, tarot cards, some read your palm or just start reading you. They may be naturally psychic and use these tools during the reading as a guide. So, a fortune teller is a more general old time reference to a psychic reader. Psychic readers can be clairvoyant and use various tools to help pinpoint specifics in readings. Clairvoyants know things without any tools. Messages come to them about the future and can involve various parts of a person’s life they are reading, and they pass the messages or information on to the client. Some clairvoyants use tools, like cards or psychometry which involves holding an object of the client and picking up on the vibrations of the objects. As a clairvoyant myself, I get spirit messages, but use tarot cards, numerology and astrology to help pinpoint specifics, such as dates and timetables. They confirm what I am picking up on. Tarot readers use tarot cards to predict peoples’ future or life in general. Tarot cards are made up of 78 cards in a deck with four suits and the major arcana cards. Each card has different meanings and they can have other meanings depending on the combinations in the reading and the reader’s interpretation.

No two readers read the same and besides the meanings, readers use their intuition when uncovering the reading. Mediums work to channel or as a channel between those who have passed on and those living. People look to mediums to try to communicate with deceased loved ones. Empaths use sensitive intuition when tuning into people and situations. They feel others intensely as if they are the people they feel. Some clairvoyants are empaths and these characteristics can crossover. But empaths are deeply connected on many levels and clairvoyants may be able to detach more easily. Astrologers deal with the sun signs and stars and plot your chart with the planets positions when you were born. They can help you determine characteristics because of your chart and how the planets are affecting your current position in your life. Astrologers and psychics working together really hone in on the traits specific to an individual’s chart. Numerologists use numerology or numbers to predict fortunes or futures. Numerology involves reading the combinations of numbers and areas of your life associated with the specific numbers. Numerology dates back to ancient times and your birthday, name and current date all add up to a number which interprets your current path, life path and future path depending on the reading. Psychic energy comes in all shapes and sizes as you can see and all are interesting and have unique characteristics while determining whatever you are seeking in a reading. So, you don’t have to be limited, take a chance and have a reading with one of the many readers that can make you comfortable.

You may find you like trying something or someone new, so go for it! You won’t be disappointed. Good luck! Vivian

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