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I believe we all have some psychic ability that comes from our higher self a intuition that lays dormant until we exercise it by choice. As a young child i saw mini scenes in black and white in my mind of people and places i did not know, i remember being in the car with my dad and we went through a country village and i knew where every think was church school etc before we had even got to it i was positive we had been there before even though my dad told me he had never even been there himself.This is when i began to realize the gift i had although i did not begin to develop and use it until adulthood. Children very often freely show there psychic ability for example my son at about five years old used to tell me about when our house had different doors and different colored carpets and how i looked and spoke differently. He always started the conversation with the statement " when i was older mummy " this i believe was a glimpse of a past life that was coming back to him.Animals also have quite highly tuned psychic ability as the owner of two cats and a dog i very often see them interacting with spirit especially when i am working.

 As psychic development is on going there have been many ways i have developed mine and still continue to do so. I developed a interest in tarot along side coming across my Wiccan beliefs, i found that people of the same beliefs with psychic ability suddenly started to appear in my life. I learnt a lot from them but they were only on my path for a short time long enough for me to learn about energy, chakra,s opening and closing, grounding and listening to my inner knowing through meditation.Over the years i have developed my psychic ability through going to circle learning about different kinds of meditation and how to listen and hear beyond the normal humdrum noise of every day life. Being psychic is a amazing gift how ever sometimes spirit like to make there self known and give you messages for people when you least expect it which can be a bit awkward when you have only just met the person and they have no idea what you do.

 I believe in reading one to one with someone as my experience of spiritual church has made me notice that if some one is grieving for a loved one to repeatedly not getting a message from them is heartbreaking. Where as with a one to one reading even if that specific person does not come through others may and positive guidance and messages about themselves can also be given.

 The subject of psychic detectives is also a fascinating one and i believe in certain circumstances especially when a person is missing a experienced psychic can be a helpful tool.

 Being psychic and reading tarot is a constant learning adventure as your gift develops it gives you many pleasant surprises but can also bring up some not so good things which are there as learning curves for you to figure out, it brings me a lot of happiness and spiritual calm when i know i have been able to use my gifts to help others.
Tina x

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