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Psychic Exercises

Psychic Exercises.


Following on from my previous blog, on ‘Are you Psychic’, here are a couple of psychic exercises to help you!

I would always suggest that you do your cleansings and protections before doing any psychic work at all. Another I would also recommend a period of meditation, even just a brief one, as in a mediation many people meet their guide(s).  On my profile I have a few blogs on meditations and both cleansing and protection rituals. Finally, for any budding mediums my number one recommendation would be that you find a mentor to help you as working with spirit does need some guidance!

But, if you feel ready to trust your gut instinct, try the following:

  • Get a notebook and when someone or something pops into your head, jot it down and then see how long it takes for that person to contact you or you to bump into them, or if it’s a situation that you think of, how long it takes for that situation to happen. No matter how random it sounds, jot it down, as life is just as random. This exercise is designed to show you that you can trust your gut instinct as this is also part of your guides connecting with you.


The next one is to show you how to distinguish between your thoughts and thoughts given to you by your abilities. This exercise is best done on a quiet road or street.

  • Ask for the colour of the next vehicle to be shown to you in your Mind’s Eye. Imagine all the colours in your head, like a mental colour chart, and see which one stands out, or simply see which colour shines brightest. Once I was playing this game with my guide and I asked for the colour of the next car; he gave me ‘yellow’. I saw in the distance a bus coming, which clearly wasn’t yellow. As the bus approached, I said to my guide ‘Errrr that’s not yellow…’ to which he replied ‘Look at the car behind it…’ and yes, you guessed it, it was yellow!  I had asked for a car, not just any vehicle. You won’t get it right every time but over time you will improve.


Both of these exercises will help you identify the thoughts and words from Spirit and your guides; they appear as whispers in the mind and in time it will come naturally to know when it is your thoughts and when it is thoughts from guides and loved ones on the other side of life.

As ever, I hope this helps guide you.


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