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Do you ever have the sense that you are deeply connected to the stars and feel a profound longing for ‘home’? Yes, me too.

Along my spiritual pathway, I have deepened my knowledge of my connection and true calling. Long ago, (before embarking on my pathway as a medium), a psychic told me that I would be undertaking some work related to star-beings. At that time, I looked at her as if she were a fruit loop! I had no idea what that even meant, and it felt so far removed from me and who I was (albeit on a spiritual pathway). I was also told that I too would become a medium (to which I laughed). I knew I was a healer through and through, but a medium? And this talk of star-beings? I looked at her gone out!

Years later, however, these predictions came true. I utilized my strong gifts as a medium and now undertake this work daily. Star-beings came into the picture years later. Last year, I channelled a whole book, ‘Souls & Star-Beings,’ and began mapping out the chapters. It shocked even me at this deep stage of my spiritual journey with what came through. “Wow,” I thought, “she was right; I will do work related to star-beings.”

So, here I am, writing some content for that, and I thought I would share this piece with you as I sense a lot of people will relate.

Firstly, let’s understand the term starseed/star-being.

I like to see it like this; star people - people who feel/know that they originated from another planet or galaxy. A human whose soul reincarnated from another (much denser) dimension.

Now, us starseeds, we have a mission. And this will likely resonate deeply if you too are a wise and old soul, originating from the Pleiades star system.

You will have lived many, many lifetimes (graduating from one to the next). You will have usually learned quickly (in that many lessons were checked off in just one lifetime - i.e., you did not need to reincarnate to learn the lesson over and over because you got it the first time). You are here to assist humanity in a huge shift (spiritually), and you too (like me) could also be of a rare blood group. (Dolores Cannon speaks some wonderful truths regarding rare blood groups, not being able to trace back to animals scientifically). Her work is profound if you get to visit some of her works via her books, YouTube, Facebook group, and so forth. It really fascinated me because my rare blood group meant that I could actually reject my own child when pregnant. I mean, how is that so? I’m human and so is he. Or am I?

The more you understand your mission here on Earth, the more at home you will feel (as it’s likely as a starseed you already feel somewhat misplaced).

Let me speak about characteristics now and see if you can resonate (the more you resonate with, the more likely you are to be considered a ‘chosen one’).


  • Unique
  • Highly empathetic
  • Easily tune into and read others' thoughts, feelings, and emotions (energy healer)
  • Caring and compassionate (regardless of what life throws your way)
  • Natural-born healer
  • Drawn to teacher roles, counselling, healing
  • Excellent communication skills
  • High creative energy (artistic)
  • Hugely intuitive
  • Psychic
  • A strong connection to your higher self and higher realms (guides)
  • Receiving downloads easily (messages, visions)
  • Vivid and lucid dreams (with the intention to communicate and receive)
  • Curious (questioning a lot, for yourself and just because)
  • Thirst for knowledge
  • Expansive consciousness
  • Not fazed by challenges
  • Optimistic (even when it’s the middle of a life storm)
  • Often observing the masses and doing the opposite
  • Highly spiritual
  • Open energy

You could associate yourself with also being ‘the black sheep’. Yes, me too. You may even go further and say you are very different and misunderstood. Yes, me too. I am very deep. Deeper than deep and often too deep to have conversations with ‘everyday folk’. (They’d likely never speak to me again with my depth). LOL!

Maybe you had or have a hard time fitting in too. We don’t want to conform, so you could have been cast as a rule breaker or a rebel (you definitely don’t like social hierarchy)!

I am always cold. You likely have a lower body temperature than most (maybe even lower blood pressure), and you are likely more sensitive to temperatures (and noise, pollution, lights, and so on).

So, what’s our mission?

To put it bluntly, peace on Earth as it is in Heaven. Simple.

With our big hearts and generous spirit, we help raise the consciousness of the planet (the people - as Mother Earth is already 5D - it’s the people who need to elevate). As starseeds, our environment is key (and this goes way beyond just our home and backyard). Mother Earth is our home too. We want to share our gifts with the world, and we have come here on a mission to do so.

Coming from such a high frequency to Earth is NOT easy. It is very low vibration here (especially in comparison). But, we signed up for the task. We said “yes” to the mission (even though we knew how hard it would be). Remember, the characteristic of a challenge not phasing us? Well, there you have it! This challenge is BIG, but we don’t do it alone. Many chosen ones are here too (after signing themselves up), and many more will follow.

This will be key as we enter the Age of Aquarius too. And yes, I am also an Aquarius!! Taurus is also highly relevant as the Pleiades is located in the Taurus constellation. But whatever your birth chart is, that is irrelevant. We need variety in souls as we join together and bless Mother Earth.

  1. Why is this relevant? The Pleiades star system is approximately 444 light years from Earth. Yes, we travelled some distance (however, no such thing as time and space beyond the 3D). We are both here and we are there. We exist everywhere. I love the 444 energy though because with those challenges we face, we need divine protection (and often intervention) so if you know this is you, this is your reminder that whatever the weather on our mission you are divinely protected too. 444 always.

You see, some humans will object. Hellish behaviour will have them back away from the changes we bring forth. Almost like a rebellion. You will have to “fight” these souls (from within).

Easy. How?

I was once told this story. A shepherd has a huge job rounding up hundreds of sheep in a field. But the shepherd soon realizes that they only have to round up a small percentage for the rest to follow. That’s why it’s easy. The harder part is getting in front - getting into the field.

Note to self (and you): Tackle from the top down and from the inside, out! Tower moments for the hierarchy, I guess!

Lots of love (and bringing you more), Hope xoxo
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