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October Charmscopes

ARIES: Bear, Open Book & Owl.


Where work is concerned this month the focus is on teamwork, but you will have to pay attention to what you say, as others may not like your ideas. A tempting offer that comes your way will involve working longer hours, which may clash with other arrangements you already have, so make sure you are organised in all you do and be prepared to make changes if you need to. If you are looking for work it is connected to self-employment, education, finance, leadership roles and office work.

Where relationships are concerned for some of you there will be small clashes over how things are done that could make one of you seem bossy or controlling. Remember that it is not always going to be possible to keep everyone happy, so compromise if you can. For some of you there will be a feeling of wanting to be alone at some point, but for others love will be in the air when you learn to work together. If you are looking for love it is connected to a familiar voice you hear, education, and a night out with friends.

This month in general is about going for it. You are not always going to have everyone's backing, but you know deep down if you can achieve your goals, even if somebody looking from the outside in might not realise it. Clashes over money matters and the way you say things will cause some tension. But instead of dragging the issues out, you may need to swallow your pride and be the bigger person. Forgive and forget in order to move on. Study/ training or learning a new skill will be the focus of this month and for some of you it will be starting a new business. Good news is connected to engagements or weddings and new jobs. Have a great month.


Taurus: Signpost, Flag & Car.


This month at work you will find it challenging as a lot of changes are going to happen. You are going to be faced with some choices to make regarding the work you do and not everyone is going agree with those choices, but it is not about what others want. You need to make the right choices that suit you. You will find (regardless of the challenges you face this month) that work will feel like a breeze to you and you will take everything in your stride. Others may even find it hard to keep up with you. If you are looking for work it is connected to travel or vehicles, emergency services, military work, building and hospitality trades.

Where relationships are concerned, it’s all about passion, fantasy and desire this month. You will be full of ideas on how to spice up or inject some romance in to your love life, just make sure your partner is on the same page. Talking to each other is important, especially when it comes to making big decisions, otherwise it will create some trust issues. If you are looking for love, try looking at who is in front of you. That friend that has been there through thick and thin has secret feelings for you. Love can also be found through work, a party or celebration you attend and social media or dating apps.

This month is about change for you. If you are currently feeling stuck in a rut, now is the time for a big clear out. Not just of the old junk you have laying around, but it is also time to get rid of those bad habits and toxic friendships/ relationship you know deep down, you just don't need. Animals will feature highly this month as you may take on a new pet or there may be someone else's pet you help out with. Have a great month.


Gemini: Horse, Sun & Rabbit.


Where work is concerned this month, you may find yourself wondering if you are on the right path. As much as you enjoy what you are doing, the energy where you work seems to have changed, and you are finding yourself getting caught up in unnecessary situations. A new position you have been contemplating for a while is coming your way and a decision needs to be made. Avoid gossip if you can, unless you hear from the horse’s mouth, do not believe everything you hear. If you are looking for work it is connected to law/prison/security work, writing/art or creative work, children and teaching.

Where relationships are concerned less is actually more. You or a parnter may be in need of some space this month, so be patient with one another and know when to back off and give some room. For others, there will be news connected with an engagement or wedding and if you are looking for love it is connected to a flirty compliment from a funny friend who is actually being sincere, socialising, an age gap romance, and being online.

This month you are going to be in demand socially and where work is concerned, so make sure you keep a record of all the plans you make, or you may end up having some clashes. Try to avoid drama, and arguments where you need to pick sides amongst friends. Good news is linked to cars and travel. Have a great month.


Cancer: Squirrel, Tortoise & Scales.


Work is going to have you picking up the pace this month and you may find by the end or middle of it, that you will need a well-earned break. Watch out not to get caught up in a disagreement with a colleague that does not concern you, and start catching up on that paperwork that you have been letting slip by. New opportunities are opening up for you as people are starting to recognise your worth. If you are looking for work it is connected to healthcare, police or law, retail, office work and banking or finance.

Where relationships are concerned pay attention to your need to be in control, as it will cause tensions with loved ones. Try to focus more on what you do want from love rather than what you don't want and don't let a loved one take advantage of your kind nature. Communication is the key to getting things back on track, but you both need to do it, not just you. For some of you there will be talk of a romantic break. If you are looking for love that new look you are trying will attract the one you are trying to impress, but love is connected an outdoor event, a party and social events. 

There is a need for a big cleanout this month, to get rid of all the people and items you no longer need. Whatever is not working for you needs to go. It is time to detox all that negativity that may have been following you, stop focusing on living your life to suit others, and start living the life you want. Have a great month.


Leo: Balloons, Heartbreak & 2 Hearts Entwined.


Work this month is going to be busy for you. There will be opportunities to show others how serious you are about ideas you have recently brought up, and a need to get organised especially when it comes to group activities, and catching up on messages. New contracts are coming your way but you will need to be adaptable to make them happen, especially if it means working in a team. If you are looking for work it is connected to media, film/tv, creative projects, the hospitality trades, health & fitness, and beauty.

Where love is concerned you are going to be hit by a few ups and downs. Let's face it, as much as you like to think everything is perfect, no-one and no relationship really is, but it's how you handle the down times that count. If a situation is not working despite how hard you both try, it may be time to admit that you need to let go, but if you know deep down there is still something special there, then make sure you try your best through listening and talking to each other to make it work. For some of you there will be news of an engagement or wedding. If you are looking for love watch out for that ex that comes back - just remember that you have been there and done that, do you really want to go there again? Love is connected to parties, socialising, friends and work.

This month you have got some tough choices to make, especially where your heart is concerned, so don't be afraid to speak up about how you feel. Expect some small delays connected with negotiations and read the small print before agreeing anything. Family gatherings will be important to you this month as you will want to feel them close by, and keep your diary free, as you are about to start getting busy socially. Have a great month.


Virgo: Key, 2 hearts entwined & Lion.


The problem with work this month is you being stubborn. As much as you like being social you prefer to work alone as you tend to get more done that way. However, this month you will face the challenge of having to work in a partnership or with others, and in particular, someone you tend to clash with. So stop being stubborn and find a way to make sure you get the job done. If you are looking for work it is connected to animals, vehicles/ driving, postal/messenger work, health & fitness, the hospitality trades, real estate, and education.

Where relationships are concerned this month, there are some big choices to be made possibly connected to taking the next steps in your relationship,  such as moving in together, getting married or engaged, but the focus this month is on talking and communicating well with each other. Try not to be too eager to push your ideas ahead of a loved one, or you may end up seeing the moody side of them, and watch out for disagreements over how money is spent. If you are looking for love it is connected to a secret admirer through work, an outdoor event, online, and a place of study.

This month you need to pay attention to disagreements in the family. Are you making promises you can't keep? Think before speaking is a great motto for you this month as words seem to fall out of your mouth before you can stop them. Wanting to show how independent you are can turn a hobby you have into a career, so don't be shy at showing off your skills. Watch out for a female around you that seems like they are nagging, but they are actually guiding you to the right place, pay attention to what they say.  For some of you there is good news connected to contracts concerning homes or work. Have a great month.


Libra: Bouquet, Wheel & Tombstone.


Where work is concerned you will feel as if you are accomplishing a lot this month. You know exactly what you need to do and how to do it. However, someone you will have to work with at some point will be keeping you in the dark about a change or plan connected to work. It’s not because you don't need to know, but because they will use what they know to get an advantage of you. So pay attention to who is being extra helpful, and be careful not to over share your ideas or plans. If you are looking for work it is connected to retail, banking & finance, travel/ vehicles, repair work, plumbing and health care. 

Where relationships are concerned a partner's behaviour will make you a bit suspicious, but this loved one will need your help and advice with a worry of theirs. Be patient and calm till they ask for help but show them that you are there and care, so they will open up sooner. For some of you there will be a new commitment made. If you are looking for love it is connected to a new appearance either in you or someone close to you, friends and social events, and online dating.

This month a new approach that makes you stand out from the crowd finally gets you noticed by all the right people, so don't be afraid to be different, as that is what makes you special. A birthday gift you receive has a secret meaning and you will be feeling very blessed as friends and family show how much they care. A situation that was not working for you is going to end, but remember, as one door closes, another one opens. Pay attention to the little details and try not to waste that extra abundance that comes your way. Luck is on your side, especially connected to cars or houses. Have a happy birthday and a great month.


Scorpio: Open Book, Mouse & Angel.


This month when it comes to work, it is a case of making sure you are the one who is in the know. Study or research will be top of your to do list, as there is a lot going on around you and you will need to keep up. Others will look to you for answers, as you are often right about situations or challenges that come your way, but make sure that they don't become dependent on you, and you end up doing all the hard work. If you are looking for work it is connected to education, libraries, prisons, security or law, office work, team/group work and self-employment.

Where relationships are concerned, for some of you it is time to focus on mending or repairing a situation that has been dragging. You may have been putting it off because you don't want to come across as the weaker half, but taking the initiative shows how strong you are. Be sure to listen to one another. For others there is good news connected to love as you start to make plans for future and for some of you a deeper commitment will be made. If you are looking for love, it's going to be a doddle as your sex appeal is higher than ever. Jealousy over a friendship shows how deep someone's feelings really are, and love is connected to socialising, and online dating.

You will be socially in demand for the next few months, so plan accordingly. Your focus this month needs to be on study or research as tests or competition bring out the competitive side of you. Your intuition is going to be on top form this October, possibly because the veil is thinner and you are noticing things more, so don't be afraid to explore those messages you will receive. Being creative when it comes to repairs or gifts will help you. Try not to overthink things too much, you tend to be a secret worrywart. Have a great month.


Sagittarius: Book, Money & Car.


Where work is concerned you may find yourself having to be more flexible to show others that you can be a good team player. You and I both know you prefer to work on your own, but this month is full of negotiations, so you will need to show others that you can co-operate when necessary. New job opportunities are opening up for you, and there is going to be a big change for some of you towards the end of the month. If you are looking for work it is connected to banking and finance, retail, travel, vehicles, repair work, real estate and education.

Where relationships are concerned this month, the focus is on bringing back the fun. For some of you the relationship may have become a little routine or dull lately and you may need to re-ignite that spark. It doesn't have to cost you money to do this, as it could be something as simple as a romantic night in, or even role play. Listen to each other's wants and needs and you will know what is needed to get back that passion. If you are looking for love, you may be missing opportunities of love because you are too focused on the past. A compliment from a work colleague has a hidden meaning and could be the start of something new, it just depends on how open you are to love. Love is connected to friends, work and social events you attend.

This month it is about abundance and a go for it attitude. Stop waiting for things to fall into your lap, if you know you want something , just go for it. Travel is on the cards this month. A family member may need your help a little later in the month. Have a great month.


Capricorn: Sword, Clock & Bear.


Where work is concerned there may be conflicts connected to power struggles. Trying to keep a boss figure happy will take its toll on you, but only if you let them take advantage. Be confident and remind yourself who you are, they need your help more than you need them, so it doesn't hurt to remind them every now and then. If you are looking for work it is connected to leadership roles, communication/ office work, postal services, psychologists/counselling, prison or law work and health care.

Where relationships are concerned you have a habit of getting bored easily, which can often make you feel unwanted or unloved. Instead of doing the usual and giving up, why not try something different to put some spark back into the romance. Be clear with a partner about what you want from love, but don't make it into a joke, as they don't always get your sense of humour. If you are looking for love it is connected to someone you meet through work, waiting in a queue, and a night out with friends. 

You will occasionally need to let some friends down as you try to find a balance between work, play and everyday life. Don't be afraid to suggest cheaper alternatives or learn to say no. Don’t let distractions get in the way of getting a project done. Watch out for gossip caused by jealousy. Have a great month.


Aquarius: Ring, Pyramid & Lightning.


Lots of new opportunities will begin to open up for you this month, so if you are unhappy with the work you are currently doing, now is the time to change or think about changing. A question you get asked at work needs to be responded/ answered with another question, not only will this confuse who you are speaking to, but it will also show them that you are someone who is actually smarter than they think. If you are looking for work it is connected to film/ theatre/ TV or media work, creative pursuits involving art/ music, health & beauty and night or shift work.

Where relationships are concerned a compromise needs to be made this month. Something you want to change cannot be agreed upon, and the only way to deal with a partners demands as well as your own needs, is to find a compromise. Working together will make you both stronger as a couple. For others there is news connected to wedding and engagements and for others don't bring your work home, it’s invading your lovers time. If you are looking for love, that friendship where the chemistry has been building is about to explode and become more intimate. Love is connected to work, education, a newsagent, and coffee shop.

Something you do as a hobby or fun will evolve into something more. Travel and study are your focus this month and research connected to a family tree reveals a surprising secret. A get together with family members will make you feel closer than before. Have a great month


Pisces: Open Book, Bear & Owl.


You will be full of ideas and ready to negotiate, in order to get what you want. An opportunity connected to working on your own or running your own business cannot be missed, but make sure you read any fine print before agreeing to anything. If you want a pay rise, this month is about negotiating so don't be afraid to ask, you know exactly what you are worth. If you are looking for work it is connected to education/ teaching, self-employment, healing/spiritual services, counselling, and health care.

Where relationships are concerned there is a need to talk this month and deal with any emotional baggage that is hanging around. You may find a partner is more sensitive than normal around you, so any little thing you say could set them off. Remember to handle difficult situations with care. For others though you may find that you are more in sync than you realise and talks about holidays and children will be high on your agenda this month, as you work together as a couple. If you are looking for love it is connected a night out, a party you attend, friends and online dating. 

This month you will feel as if the pressure is lifting. You will feel as if you have some new found freedom but don't get your head turned. A friend may try to take advantage of your kindness, and people will be turning to you for advice as your intuition will be on point. There is a need for a break or holiday by the end of the month, so ask for what you need. Have a great month.

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