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My Tarot Story

Tarot CardsI help intelligent women find the man of their dreams, so they can experience growth through the relationship and enjoy a full life.

I use Tarot Cards to access the subconscious that steers us through our daily lives, to reveal personal truths. The self-awareness this exposes clarifies the mind, channeling answers into the conscious thereby delivering tangible and positive results. The mystery and confusion of life is dispelled, giving clarity and purpose the ability to move forward positively.

My world was ideal, I had found the perfect life partner, had children with him, a lovely home, two dogs - everything under the rainbow was bliss; until he was diagnosed with terminal cancer! Inevitably the day came and my life fell apart. The security I had in this relationship was gone, as was my self esteem and confidence, both instantly evaporated along with all my self beliefs.

I tried to build a new way forward, sometimes feeling my way through and other times I was a loose cannon just throwing myself at life and ricocheting around ending up with negative, unhelpful results and sometimes inappropriate attention!

I had toyed with Tarot for years, enjoying temporary moments of escapism yet never quite “getting it”. In my period of chaos, in order to find some peace of mind, I began to read my cards regularly and keep a diary. I started to notice how, little by little, as I used the insight I got from my cards, I could translate it into the reality of my life, achieve small improvements and ultimately gain the more important desires that I craved. Like a beauty or fitness programme I had to learn to be consistent with my new skills. If I became overly confident and strayed away - things frayed at the edges, success diluted and my inner strength weakened; stick with it though and I realised everything became much more pleasurable, my rainbow reappeared and I created a new bliss in my life.

I was so impressed with my discovery; I wanted to see if it worked for other people, so I shared it with a couple of friends, who also experienced improvements in their lives as a result of my readings. They encouraged me to spread my wings and help others. Now my self confidence had undoubtedly improved but I was reluctant to expose myself this way. I felt shy and awkward about taking this step, in my mind being a guru is not on my agenda!

However, being a survivor, and a constant work in progress, I know that using my craft to help and support you, you can also achieve a positive improvement in your life and like me enjoy the benefits you desire.

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