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Venus Retrograde

Written by Sherry R MacBeth

VenusThe Goddess of beauty and love makes a very important shift as it turns retrograde from May 15th until June 27th.  This is something that only occurs every eighteen months.  So how will this affect us you ask?

Venus rules the areas of love, money, art, beauty, marriage, and harmony.  When she starts off her backwards motion, she does so in Gemini.  This will give you a time where you can re-think your values related to these areas.  Venus at this time is asking us to really open our minds up to new ways of doing and approaching things in our lives.  Adapting those new ideas to relationships and finances will play an important role in bringing balance into our lives.

This will affect love on many levels, from those who are single and searching, to those who are in a more committed relationship.  For you singles, this transit shows a need to really look at how you approach finding love in your life.  How do you view yourself in regards to love?  Do you have a positive outlook, or are you still allowing old habits and views from the past to keep you repeating the same cycles?  Are you chasing love down instead of just being open to it?  Or are you seeking love in too many places at once?  It’s all about creating the right balance.

With relationships you will be re-evaluating your goals together in many cases.  And some of you may be taking a step back altogether in relationships that have not been feeling very balanced.  Especially if you have been doing all of the work, all of the giving.  Or maybe you are the one that needs to put a bit more effort into things!

Money is also an area that Venus affects and in this instance she is creating that space necessary to see where we are going wrong with finances.  What is your relationship to money?  Do you see it as something that causes stress?  Maybe you have had it drilled into your head that to have money makes you a bad person in some way. I have seen many people who have grown up believing that money is too hard to come by and they just accepted that they would struggles for the rest of their lives.  This is a fine way to block abundance!  So re-thinking and re-evaluating your relationship with money will be important during this transit as well.

VenusVenus and Gemini work well together and often bring a chance for healing and recognizing higher values.  So it will be really important to communicate clearly in all of your relationships, not just love related ones.  Review your priorities and your goals, either for yourself or with a partner.  Look to see where you may have gotten a bit off track in love.  Be open to new people, new ideas, and don’t be afraid to try a new approach!  One major thing that this cycle can teach us is that not everyone that comes into our lives at this time will stay for good.  They may have just been sent to help you see things in a new way and to help you to open up your mind to the greater possibilities that are out there.

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