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My Start To Tarot

I was a late starter to tarot. I had been working as a medical professional for other thirty years and I really enjoyed helping people, but I had no idea that in the future I would be helping people as a spiritual guide.


Just before I was due to retire I had a tarot card reading. This was like a "light bulb moment." From that moment on I decided I wanted to help others reading tarot cards. I read a lot. I watched loads of videos. But pulling cards for myself and keeping a journal was the best way of learning. Boy did I also learn a lot about myself.


The tarot cards also had attitude and a sense of humour. If I was repeatedly doing something which was not healthy, the same card would keep coming up, time and time again, until I stopped. I thought no one knew what I was doing, but the cards knew! 


Other things started to happen too. A voice inside of my head was talking to me when I was working with the cards - “taking the mickey" as we say here in the UK - as if they were trying to put me off. This was an uncle in the spirit world who I could relate to. This was later confirmed by a medium I consulted.


I’ve had other experiences with the spirit world too. My first name has been whispered into my right ear on occasions, which I must admit at first spooked me - I told them to go away. Another time, after my father had recently passed away, I'm certain he paid me a visit. I woke up in the middle of the night and was in bed drinking hot milk, then suddenly I felt an energy around me. It was like the "reddy brek porridge advert" with flickering light energy surrounding someone. I just sat quietly and said "Thanks dad."


My intuition is a lot stronger now, but that has it downsides, especially whilst watching TV! I often know what is going to happen, or I’ll pick out the villain as soon as the program starts. Someone tells me.


I have always been very sensitive and felt different. Now with the help of the tarot cards I understand myself more and now I like being different. Recently a family member was researching our family tree and I discovered that there is a high chance we are descendents from Romany Gypsies, which is very interesting. 


If you are considering a tarot card reading (and I hope you do) remember the tarot cards always want to help. They don't want to tell you bad stuff, but at the same time they won't lie and you might not get the answer you were expecting. But that's ok. The cards are very creative and will suggest ways of helping the situation. What will the cards offer you? A different path? Something new? The chance to let go? A great big cuddle?


Your future is mainly in your hands, what decisions you make, what paths you take.

Your attitudes towards yourself and others. 


I wish you good health and happiness in the future. 



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