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My Journey

I had my first paranormal experience at the age of six when my deceased Labrador, Bruce appeared to me behind our garage. He looked like his cheeky little self with his beautiful gold coat and slight pot belly and the smile that always stayed on his face whilst he was wagging his tail. At the time, I thought it was Bruce, forgetting that he had recently passed, and gave him a cuddle as always. The smile seemed a little bigger on his face that day as we were behind the garage – exactly where he knew he shouldn’t have been. I spoke to him whilst he mischievously wagged his tale and gave him a big cuddle. But once I had turned away to go inside he had disappeared. From then on, once I had realised that I was in fact his ghost and not him I started to understand that I had special abilities.

I have always been very intuitive with emotions and since that day I’ve always been able to see and hear things that others can’t. We moved to a new house a few years after this incident, and even though I had been ignoring my abilities they were still very much in tune with the paranormal world. On my second night in the house I was visited by an old lady. I had been aware of her presence for the past couple of days and so had my animals. The house was two cottages knocked into one; however, the dogs would only roam the one side of the house, refusing to cross the border between the two. Each time I entered the side of the house that they refused to walk into I remember the strong smell of perfumed talcum powder and flowers. On the night that this old lady visited me, I had a friend staying over in my bedroom. We spoke of the experience after and she told me that she felt the room go stone cold which frightened her somewhat. In the meantime, the old lady had gently caressed my cheek in a loving manner and this was my first experience of contact with a human spirit.

Between these times and further on I had seen and had contact with many spirits – especially animals, and I was constantly tuned into others emotions whether good or bad. At the age of eighteen I had my first tarot reading with a lovely lady called Mrs Gribble. During this reading she did a number of things including tarot cards, reading tea leaves and a crystal ball. Before the reading started, being the kind woman she was, she told me that if she felt that a client had the ability to read using any of the aids she was using she would give them the opportunity to have a go; and she did just that. She allowed me to try both the tarot and the crystal ball, informing me of the spirit guides I had around me, and I took to both instantly – and at this time especially the tarot. This was when I realised that I had a true psychic ability.

From this moment on I somewhat supressed my ability, though I kept constantly aware of it, trusting in my spirit guides when I was in need of help or someone to talk to. However, in the several walks of life I took I was aware that not all people were believers, so I remained hesitant of being too aware of my abilities around others. Around my thirties, nevertheless, I began to ignore these people and look more to my abilities. I started by reading the tarot and really took to it, practicing on family and friends especially in difficult times where loved ones that have passed have needed to be contacted and guidance has needed to be given.

Within the past year, because of personal circumstances, I turned dramatically to the spiritual side of my life and this is where I came across Ask The Answer. With the help of others on this site, friends I have met through my abilities and spiritual interests and my spiritual church I have really developed my personal skills. I’ve turned to my guides, tarot and psychic and focused on improving and furthering my ability, one step at a time.

One way I’ve looked into this is through study. Through personal study I’ve developed my tarot, using different spreads and understanding where they are most appropriate and how I can really use them to focus on people’s needs and questions. From the Romany Spread to the Tree Spread, I’ve found what I’m most comfortable with and what helps me explore the spiritual world the most. I’m also continuing my Tarot study through courses to give me a more in depth understanding and qualifications. I’ve also had the opportunity to tune into my spirit guides developing my relationship with them and controlling my abilities to talk to them. I am now at the level where I am able to bring them in as I please into my readings and listen to all the wonderful and often funny advice they give to me and to all those I read for. Occasionally, they decide to help me to give entirely spiritual readings for myself and others, and by using my intuitive side I am capable of bringing in the spirits that surround other people to develop their reading further and pass on more advice and information they may offer.

I’m continuing to develop and study mediumship, psychic abilities and clairvoyancy to help guide me on my spiritual path and to improve my abilities to give accurate and precise readings and advice. Since the first time I saw my old, cheeky dog, Bruce, at the age of six I have wanted to develop the relationship I have with the spiritual side of the world and I finally have the greatest of opportunities to use my gift to help others.

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