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I Bow To Your Art

Tarot of dreamsI opened the box and there they were, delivered swiftly, and as promised. The Tarot of Dreams, I had wished for so long, have aspired to work with this beautiful Tarot deck. I have studied hard and now thanks to my focus of energies I am the brand new owner of the most beautiful set of Tarot cards I have ever seen.

That however is only the beginning. The first day with my Tarot of Dreams I had to travel, so I took them with me, in the car I saw each card for the first time as I contemplated the imagery their aspects began presenting them selves to me, whispers of words came into my head and passing through the deck all human life was truly contained within.

The Major Arcana are masterful and powerfully connect with the life changing events they portray, worlds, phrases, notes of music all come to mind as I rest my eyes on the imagery of Ciro Marchetti’s vivid, profound and beautiful Art. I almost forget to admire the rich beauty of late summer in Wiltshire, so absorbed am I in the wonderful mysteries contained in the 80 cards held in my palm.

The Minor Arcana of the Tarot of Dreams is visually delightful and an inspiration to the spirit, each Ace a wonderful blessing for the whole suit, the court cards a reminder of friends past and present. A swirl of rainbow magic follows a journey through The Tarot of Dreams and emerges into life crisp, defined and perfect. Energies connect with both Heaven and Earth and many other, some perhaps unexpected dimensions along the way.

Ciro Marchetti writes in his introduction, “…I have provided some scenery along the way, but now this journey is yours to take, one with no limits of time or distance. I hope you enjoy it.” The scenery provided by Ciro is masterful, visually stunning, rich and with vibrant energies showing the depth of circumstance that is the human experience past, present and future.

The cards are oversized and of sturdy card, I still use my Gilded Tarot for readings each day, as I need to be able to handle the cards competently with one hand whilst holding the phone with the other! So I will spend some time in private contemplation of these wonderful new cards and practise manipulating them with just one hand before I begin using them each day for work.

I took the Tarot of Dreams into my garden yesterday, I sat by the lavender and enjoyed the roses, geraniums and carnations for a while, I leaned back and watched the clouds roll by in the huge London sky; they became visions of faces and smiles. When I looked down the Fairies were gathering admiring the beauty and skill of Temperance at the top of the pile.

Yesterday, I spent every spare moment sewing a Tarot bag, from deep blue brocade, with gold ribbons and coins that fell from a belly dancing belt, it jangles nicely, and it and the gauze bag that came with the Tarot of Dreams will protect my cards and, to be honest contain their powerful, full on energy so I can carry on with my daily tasks, perhaps a little. Make no mistake the Tarot of Dreams is a powerfully magical deck of cards.

I have studied Tarot and give Tarot readings for work, but I felt I had attended a master class after having travelled through the deck just once. I feel sure they will give my readings a depth and accuracy that will become my hallmark as time goes on. I usually work with the Gilded Tarot Ciro’s previous Tarot Deck which has developed a humorous sub text, that can sometimes cause me to laugh out loud during a reading, it will be so much fun to work with the Tarot of Dreams and discover the personalities of my new deck, to delve into the intricacies of human life with such magnificent tools at my disposal, there truly are no limits.

When I returned from Wiltshire I was able to look at the CD that comes with the Tarot of Dreams, a work of Art in itself, visually gorgeous with meditation music and animated Major Arcana, the cards are explained in brief with astrological correspondences and referrals to the tree of life, another master class and a mediation tool. Looking through the Tarot section of the CD holding the cards I felt blessed and inspired and as if I held life’s great mysteries in the palm of my hand.

There is an in depth book, screen savers, one of the Major Arcana and one of the court cards, letter heads and introduction to the team that compiled this work of great Art on a CD that is easily downloadable.

I have had to force myself to walk away, for interludes leaving my Tarot of Dreams safely in their magical bag because the joy and potential is making my head spin! This is a sublime and perfect deck for beginner or for the more experienced students of life alike. Though once again the Tarot of dreams call to me, they, it seems, feel ready to accompany me through my busy working day, to lend me guidance, inspiration and a deeper insight into how I may interpret the divination clearly and accurately. We may have a long journey ahead of us. I feel there will be interesting times ahead the scenery will be glorious, with no limits to time or distance.

As a witch I may not bend the knee but great Art will cause me to bow as a sign of respect to an Artist who is such master of his work, with tools such as the Tarot of Dreams at my disposal I feel my own work will be more magical, relevant and creative, thus magic continues...

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