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My Halloween Story of Spirits

This is a personal story that happened to me in my early thirties. It was at a time when we were going through some home improvement  to the house we were living in at the time.

I had asked a builder by the name of Jason to do some home improvements for us. As things were progressing well, we had decided to let him have a key to come and go as he wished allowing us to leave him to it.

When I arrived home from work one evening I was greeted by Jason sitting in his car outside of the house, I said hello and asked him about today's progress.

He snapped at me and said “I wish You had said You had visitors, I could not really work with the Lady in that room”, I looked at him and asked what he was talking about. He said “You Know who I mean that young Lady”

I assured him there was no one in the house and invited him to come in for a cup of tea and to see for himself that we had no guests staying with us.

He said she must have popped out, and he had not noticed, he also said “She has changed as well she was wearing that dress, I thought she was going out for the evening”  He was pointing to my black dress which was hung up outside of the wardrobe with the polythene bag protecting it.

This dress is a very unique black silk dress for evening wear,  with a dropped waist and bat sleeves (narrow at the wrist and becoming wider at the  top end of the arm) and a cowl neck (gathered folds of material).

He said “She must have been trying it on without your permission”

I honestly thought that this Young man had had a liquid lunch or had been asleep in his car and dreamt all of this. So I said “look there is no one here, can we expect you tomorrow?”   he answered “I will see You tomorrow then”.

The next day as I returned from work Jason was sat outside of my house in his car. “She's in there again! - How am I supposed to plaster a room when she is in the way!, You are wasting my time.”

 “How old is she? What does she look like?” I asked him.

He said “She has shoulder length Auburn/ copper coloured hair. She is about 18 years of age, And She had Your black dress on again.”

At this point we went into the house and looked around, of course there was no one in the house. He was angry and upset and said he had seen her wearing the dress which was now hanging up outside on the door of the wardrobe.

He was upset again “I am sorry but I can't be messed around like this, You will have to get someone else to finish this job.” With this statement he left.

I found someone to replace him to complete the plastering but I felt I needed to be in the property whilst they did the work and so the improvements were finished by someone else.

Sometime later I went to a club to see a Radio DJ that I really liked, he was also a very good Psychic, which appealed to me greatly.

At the end of his show he came over to me to give me a message. He began “Do You remember Alice ?, She is here with me now,”

“She has Auburn hair, shoulder length, she is wearing a black dress silk dress, She is about 18 years old.”

I said I did not know who this was, he went on, “Her name is Alice and she wants to thank you for wanting her company and asking her over to play with Emma. She was 4 years of age when the car came over the bridge and killed her, it was a red car, she had just got out of a silver car and she ran across the road because She had seen her friend Ben, a car was coming over a humped back bridge and it hit her;  killing her instantly. She has  white lilies here for you and she is telling me to tell you she was slightly hard of hearing”
I could not believe what I was hearing. Alice was a friend of a little girl that I used to look after, we always had her over to play with Emma the child who was in my care.
I always noticed Alice mumbled often never hearing what you were saying with ease. But she had died when she was 4 years of age in a tragic road accident. Approximately 14 years ago.
The details were accurate, she had been in a car with her family, they were parked at the kerb. Alice had opened the car door and run across the road because she had seen her friend Ben. It was a humped back bridge and a car came from the top of the bridge with no chance of seeing a 4 year old running across the road.
“This is a young woman, she is showing herself to us at the age she would have been right now! And the dress, well she wears it because it was a dress that you bought whilst she was with you.” The DJ said.
Yes that dress was 14 years old, I had bought it when I was with Alice and Alice would now be 18 years old.

I had not seen Alice appear up to that point; and then I saw her.
A beautiful Young lady in front of me,wearing my dress and holding white lilies and it moved me.

She had come to say thank you for really wanting to spend time with her, not because I had to, but just because I liked her.
With that Alice was gone. I pieced together that Jason had really seen her  in our house, the DJ had made sense of it,  thus allowing me to recognise Alice.

I thank you Alice! Because I went on to further studies with psychic development and intuition.

I had always worked with the Tarot Cards and my guides, Crystals, Reiki, Runes, Angel Cards, Numerology, Bach Flower Remedies and Feng Shui but I had never seen a Spirit before;  so I have Alice to thank for opening up my further psychic development.

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