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Meet January's Spirit Helpers

The Winter Solstice saw a change in the way the wheel is turning, and with it comes a change in the Spirit guardians and other helpers who are walking with us at the moment.

The changing of the seasons from autumn to winter brings in the energies of the Buffalo - Yansi to my Cherokee people. Buffalo is considered to be a gift from the Creator. He is a prayer answered, and represents abundance and fulfilment. He will walk with us from now until the Spring Equinox.

The very appearance of the Buffalo is one that shows us strength and power. The humped shoulders and large head show where this great strength is stored. When threatened, Buffalo will encircle their young to protect them. When provoked, Buffalo will stampede in a dangerous and unpredictable way.

BuffaloThe size of the Buffalo is imposing enough. In times gone by, they were plentiful on the land, and the Native Americans viewed them as a gift of abundance. Buffalo provided meat for food, bones for tools, hides for clothing and shelter. Nothing was wasted. All was appreciated.

To invite the energies of Buffalo into our lives means that we are ready to start appreciating and using what we have, rather than taking it for granted, or devaluing it in anyway. The Buffalo reminds us that appreciation is the doorway to a fulfilling and abundant life.

Snow GooseFrom the Winter Solstice to about the middle of January we're also walking with the Snow Goose. This Totem Animal teaches us that to heal others we must first be whole ourselves. To have a successful love relationship we must first be a good foundation for love to grow. The Snow Goose promises that spring is coming. It encourages us to prepare for that event by working to make ourselves the very best that we can be, while letting others know that we are there to help them on their journey, too.

BirchBirch is the Totem Plant of this time of year. Birch is a valuable asset as plant nutrition, a tool, and a medicine. The sap was used to make syrups and tonics; the bark was used much in the same way as we use paper today. Birch is also used in the sweat lodges to release toxins and purify. It symbolizes that this time of year is a time for us to let go of what is not working, and to let the new year bring in new, and more pure energies.

Quartz CrystalFinally, the beautiful Quartz Crystal comes from the Mineral Kingdom to walk with us from the Winter Solstice to mid January. This stone brings clarity of vision. Quartz is my favourite of all stones as it holds so many different personalities and lessons; each stone is as unique as we are. In this instance, Quartz is asking us to see clearly the changes we need to make, so that we can leave behind in the old year what is not working, and take into the new year what we want to see manifest in our lives.

In summary, there are some very strong and powerful allies working with all of us as the year changes. We have to take advantage of the abundance they bring, and use it to its fullest potential. It is in clearing away what is not working that we open our lives for the blessings that Spirit wants to bring us.

If you would like me to tell you how these forces are likely to influence you personally, please don't hesitate to call, email, or text me for a personal reading. You're in my thoughts often and my prayers always. Be blessed!

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