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A Closer Look At 2012

EarthMost of us have heard about the prophecies of 2012 and wonder how much truth there is to what we've heard, or how it is going to affect us both globally and individually.
2012 certainly looks to be bringing us mixed blessings! If we add the numbers together (2+0+1+2) we get the total of 5, and this is a very profound number for many reasons.
In numerology, the number 5 is the number of change. Now, we all know that changes can be uncomfortable at times, particularly if we try to cling to what naturally wants to evolve. Change is the only constant in life, and we cannot realistically believe that everything is always going to stay the same. Changes don't have to be bad, and we can make the transitions a lot smoother if we adapt with what is changing, rather than trying to resist it.
Five is also the number that relates to our humanness, the individual as well as the human race. If we look at our bodies, we have five protrusions coming from our torso; head, two arms, two legs. Our hands and feet each have five digits. We have five senses to relate to the world around us. We also find the number five important in many cultural references; the alchemist had the five-pointed star, Chinese and Hindu traditions recognize five elements, and in Islam there are five pillars of religion and five times for daily prayer.
In astrology, the fifth sign of the Zodiac is Leo, and this sign is a powerhouse of energy. This sigh is ruled by the Sun, and brings the gifts of ambition, courage, confidence, willpower, and independence. Leo rules the fifth house of the Zodiac. It is here the emphasis is on the intellect and integrity. The fifth house not only reveals a person's attitude towards their life, but it also shows where their creative endeavours are best focused. It can show us where emotional issues may be rooted, and how a person might find ways of expressing those emotions and his innermost thoughts to the outside world. To some extent, the fifth house can also reveal things about a person's luck, fate, and karma, including a possible glimpse into their past lives.
The number 5 appears 5 times in the Tarot. The first glimpse of it is in the fifth card of the Major Arcana, the Hierophant. This is a card of taking control and doing the right thing. It speaks of integrity, but guards against stubbornness. It is a card that indicates teamwork, not isolation, is important in order to succeed. Once again, the Hierophant warns us not to be too resistant to change, and reminds us that we have to adjust our lives to what is happening around us, rather than trying to control everything that happens to us.
There are also 4 Minor Arcana cards with the number 5. The Five of Wands indicates a struggle and reminds us that we have to believe in our ability to succeed. The Five of Swords also indicates a struggle, and reminds us that we mustn't feel defeated if things do not happen the way we want them to happen, we must simply pick up the pieces and find a new way forward. The Five of Cups cautions us against focusing on what is going wrong, while the Five of Pentacles reminds us not to feel sorry for ourselves, when things don't go according to plan, but to try to look for the blessings in every situation. These are all very sombre messages that much of our success has to do with our attitude towards things.
At the end of the day, this is going to be another year, with its triumphs and challenges just like any other year. The messages I see coming loud and clear from my oracles, though, is that change is inevitable. We have to be willing to adapt, we have to look beyond what we want to what is good for everyone concerned, and we can't cling too tightly to our own egos and agendas if we want to come through the changes unscathed. 
Please don't hesitate to contact me if you would like me to take a closer look at things, and advise you how 2012 is going to affect you on a personal level.

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