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Meet February's Spirit Helpers

The Winter Solstice saw a change in the way the Wheel is turning, and with it comes a change in the Spirit guardians and other helpers who are walking with us at the moment.

BuffaloIn February we are still walking with the steady energies of the buffalo, and he is still reminding us to look at the blessings in our lives. Sometimes it is hard to be appreciative when we are cold and it is dreary outside, but there are always going to be reasons to give thanks if we just look hard enough.

OtterFrom the end of January to the middle of February, we are also walking with the Otter. The otter teaches us how valuable it is to remember to play, and to approach things with a light spirit. The otter also reminds us how important it is to learn as much as we can as often as we can, in order to fill our lives with as much wonder as we can.

In the wild, otters will play, they will relax, they will spend time socializing with each other, and those are all lessons that otter teaches us. We are cautioned not to just skim the surface of life, but to really dive in deep and live it to the full. This is also a time of perception and intuition, and we are encouraged to use the darker evenings to hone these skills.

Quaking AspenThe plant totem of this time of year is the Quaking Aspen. This tree was much valued by the Native Americans. The leaves, bark, and buds of this tree were all used in tonics; in fact, the whole energy of the tree is very therapeutic. Beautiful to the eyes and soothing to the system, the energies of the aspen are beneficial, and help us to remember to have a childlike -- as opposed to childish -- outlook in life. It's energy harmonizes well with that of the otter.

SilverSilver is the totem mineral of this time of year, and we would do well to wear silver to connect us to this season. Silver connects us to that intuitive and perceptive energy, and to the Moon, which reminds us that all things are cyclical. It is by appreciating where we are in the cycle of life, -- or even in the cycle of a situation -- that we can start to see the way forward. Silver can also help us in communicating what we are thinking or feeling in the right way.

In summary -- or in this case, "wintery!" -- there are again some very strong and powerful energies with which we can work to deepen our relationship to the world around us, to the people in our lives, and to our higher selves.

If you would like me to tell you how these forces are likely to influence you personally, please don't hesitate to call, email, or text me for a personal reading. You're in my thoughts often and my prayers always. Be blessed!

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