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Manifesting Positivity

Manifesting Positivity

There is not much in life that is free, but positivity comes at no price at all.  We can all have it; it is there for the taking and giving. The rewards, however, are amazing.

The majority of my working life was in the ‘corporate’ sector, meetings upon meetings, office politics and profit targets. This can be exactly what some people desire in life and it can bring them happiness.  More often though, we do what we do just to pay the bills. However, life is short. We have one chance at it, so why not make yours the best and happiest you can make it. This is where the Law of Attraction and the power of Positivity comes in. 

Positive thinking is a practical path of human development. Its goal is to see things as they really are and enhanced by leading a life of meaning and value.

My journey of ‘Awakening’ began my volunteering to raise funds for a local animal rescue centre.  I was frankly amazed at the kindness shown by others, and this had a boomerang effect on how I valued life. It was now time to make my life worthwhile. Now of course this does not mean we have to run out and be saints, but we can spread positive energy. Each of us can do this every single day. It is a simple as a smile, a thank you, a phone call or a compliment. Watch and see how this quickly ripples back into your life.

The Universe won’t take too kindly by those who try and manifest money, greed, revenge or harm to others. However, you can manifest goodness simply. This does not take long hours of meditation; it can take as little as 2 minutes of affirmations, for instance while you brush your teeth each morning.  Affirmations are a great source of manifesting positivity; so instead of saying “this is what I want” try saying it in the present i.e., “this is what I have” and watch how those thoughts projects into the Universe.

Show gratitude for every small thing you already have in your life; listen to birds singing of a morning (imagine if you could not hear that).  A child’s kiss, a grandparent’s hug, a smile on a train, a custard tart. Everything and anything are valuable. Share love and kindness every single day and watch it come back to you threefold!

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