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Hi, I’m Sharon and today I want to talk about manifesting. I’m sure you have all heard this one before, however I find it to be quite a misunderstood topic.

Much has been written about manifesting over the years but it is so simple we almost make it an art form. Let me make this the simplest thing you will ever do. Let me take away some imposable thinking behind it.

I have been manifesting since I was a little kid. At that time I had no idea what I was doing, so it was simple.

In my student days I would often go out with friends. We would end up in a really nice bar for the evening and I would think “I would like to work evenings here”. The next day I would phone the place asking if they were hiring only to be told they were over staffed at the moment. However then they would I should call past and leave my details and when I did I was asked if I would be able to start on Friday night. Woo hoo I was in luck.

This story did not just happen once but repeated constantly throughout my life, different shops, bars and offices. Everything I needed in my life came about in this simple way.

From houses to moving countries and so on, it’s still the same principle. It really is as simple as day dreaming about what you want. The secret is not to hold onto the happy day dream. Enjoy it, think about it but don’t hold on to it. Let it flow out the window. Then when you least expect it comes right back into your life.

Lately I have been watching Wimbledon and of course I saw a fifteen year old Coco Gauff shockingly defeat Venus Williams. I was listening to her story, Ms. Gauff did not expect to win, and even getting into Wimbledon was unexpected. When she went onto the court, she wasn’t expecting to win; she was just enjoying the match without pressure. She had a daydream then let it go.

It was only in the later matches she started thinking of the championship and feeling pressure.

However you have to take action, make the call, and express your wish. No one is going to know you want the job, house, promotion until you take action and put it out into the universe.

However you must let go of the want. Want is the very thing that will stop your manifesting working. When you want something, you think about getting it and fear not getting it, sending both signals out into the universe. You take one step forward, one step back, going nowhere.

Unfortunately one question I get asked a lot “how can I use manifesting to make a person fall in love with me” the answer is not only that you can’t do this, but you shouldn’t do it. The other person has free will; you can’t force them anymore than they can force you. Would you even want to be in a coerced relationship?

Focus on improving your life and letting the right things in, rather than getting hung up on one person.

Last but not least, enjoy this wonderful journey we call life. It can be hard sometimes but one thing is certain, it is ever changing.

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