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Magical Garden Herbs

Magical Garden Herbs

Mother Nature is truly remarkable.  She has provided us with everything we need; we just have to take a look around us. Each and every herb, plant, tree or shrub has something magical inside of it. For centuries, almost everything grown from the soil was recognised as having a medicinal, healing or magical property. 

Herbs are perhaps the most recognisable form of magical plant in today’s world and we still have an absolute abundance available to us, foraged from our surroundings. Take a look outside and investigate your surroundings, you may have something growing in your garden already! If there’s nothing to hand, embrace your green fingers; growing herbs is oftentimes simple, but very rewarding. You can grow them from seeds, or buy an established plant. Both will be fine for spellwork and rituals. Finally, if you don’t fancy growing them, you can simply buy ground herbs or fresh bags of herbs from any good spiritual shop, or even your local supermarket. It all works just as well. However you acquire your herbs, get ready, because they can bring about some powerful stuff.

Adding  a little bit of magic to your daily life is really easy. Simply choose which herb(s) you wish to use, set your intentions firmly in your mind (very important) and then gently add the herb to your food or beverage, with love and light in your heart, keeping your intention set firm in your mind.

If you are into arts and crafts, why not adding a sprinkle of magical dried herbs to whatever you’re making.  I make my own soy wax candles as gifts for friends/family and I always add some home-grown dried herbs to help them with whatever they need a little boost of! 

Some people like to store some dried herbs in a small mesh pouch and carry them around with you, like many do with crystals..  Next time you have a job interview, try bringing a small pouch filled with a mix of ginger, mint and thyme. It might be just the confidence boosting recipe needed to give you a little more sparkle, (on top of your existing sparkle of course!)

You can even add herbs into a bath or shower for cleansing, magical healing, as well as the lovely aroma! With herbal magic the possibilities are endless!

Here are a few easily accessible herbs and their magical properties to get you started:


Magical Properties

Best day to use herb due to planetary ruler


Money, luck, healing

Tuesday- Mars


Wealth, love, romance, protection

Tuesday- Mars


Clairvoyance, purification, psychic shielding & protection, memory aid

Sunday- Sun


Love, lust, romance

Friday- Venus


Sleep, love, protection, calmness

Sunday- Sun


Love, lust, health, healing

Tuesday- Mars


Protection, fidelity, keeping negativity away

Tuesday- Mars


Love, money, success, power, confidence, self belief

Tuesday- Mars


Love, protection, calmness, sleep, purification, happiness, peace

Wednesday- Mercury

Lemon Balm

Love, Success, Healing

Monday- Moon


Finances, prosperity, lust, protection, good luck

Wednesday- Mercury


Courage, happiness, prophetic dreams, aid with letting go of emotional ties

Tuesday/Friday- Mercury/Venus


Protection, love, healing, purification, mental strength, psychic protection

Sunday- Sun


Wisdom, spiritual development, psychic awareness, wishes, protection

Thursday- Jupiter

Star Anise

Psychic power, luck, personal power

Thursday- Jupiter


Courage, health, healing, love, psychic power

Friday- Venus


Purification, chakra healing, protection

Saturday- Saturn


Blessed be,

Chiara x

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