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Love Issues - What Are Relationships All About

Our very own experiences bring growth and greater awareness of what love is and the need to have our emotional needs meet. This creates pure thoughts which produce happiness. The separate mind is unaware of the creative power of thoughts and feelings, which are project on to the screen of life and becomes our experiences. Our mentality attitude and belief are part of the creative force. Our very focus of attention summons our life experiences. It would be wise to embrace the principles of love as a basis for our life experiences and those life experiences of our fellow brothers and sisters especially within our relationships. 

We all come into life with the human condition of being separate from love consciously. But there is a small glimmer, like a spark an inner knowing that allow us to hope which it would be wise to kindle the desire to grow in greater awareness of what drive us to seek another to fulfil our need on the emotional level. We are all creating life experiences by thinking them into being and fuelling them with the energy of the heart while not realizing that we are in divine partnership with “I Am All That I Am”. You could call it the Divine intelligence of God which meant to be shared by all but the egotistical need to not trust or belief that we need to defend what is not real keeps us all not realizing what love is.

When one knows that what one gives attention and focus to will manifest as our experience. One takes care of the thoughts it projects on to the screen of life. As one awakens to the ultimate reality, one starts to embrace unconditional love. The existence of love in our thoughts implies the existence of a power that allows all things to exist and become more aware of the ultimate reality. 

The universal intelligence give free will to what we co-create by what we focus on and give our attention to. When we love and choose to love we find our true nature, which is love. The only place where love does not exist is within our own separate mind, which has accepted false truth or assumptions as real which then become our focus which summons them into our life as our experiences due to lack of true awareness. One has accepted false beliefs coming from the separate mind appearing real, through belief to be accepted as truth. The human condition is now being transformed by an awakening to the principles of love.

The masculine energy is the action taken for a desired result. The energy which when in unity with love creates trust that the action taken will produce our good. All the above love problems stem from lack of trust, lack of belief and courage within our thought consciously or subconsciously and lack of self acceptance which creates judgments to the various dynamics within relationships. This creates the wrong focus and whatever is focused on will come into our life as our own self inflected thoughts manifesting. The feminine energy is the allowing energy or trust energy which drives the Law of Attraction to produce the desired result. But when trust has being broken especially within our relationships, we tend to focus on what happened in the past, which come from the subconscious mind, hence creating a holding pattern of thoughts which become our experience. It would be wise to be able to forgive one another due to different perception held within the couple. Having a share agenda which both adhere to helps keep the peace. All agenda should take into account the emotional need of both people, love and respect for the invested energy given otherwise ill fated thoughts and judgments can create separations.

The separate mind does not allow us to live in the now moment. It is always projecting into the past or future, missing out in this now moment. The now moment is about resonance of truth which is the giving and receiving of love through thought, word and deed. Fearful thoughts are self inflected projected thoughts which will attract negative experiences on to the screen of life as we are co creators of what is our experience within the separate mind. Our point of attraction is what thoughts we daily entertain through habit. Within relationship particularly troubled relationship bonding to fears of the subconscious and will keep attracting more troubled relationships based on accepted thoughts of false truth from the unconsciousness or from the conscious separate mind. When the heart is blocked by judgments it creates separations from our good and this separation from our good blocks the trust energy. This in turn will block the heart not allowing it to feel. One will become aware of this when one has a broken heart. Thoughts are the power that moves everything into existence; they are energized by the purity of our heart.

When one’s thoughts are focused on sharing knowledge or wisdom, one is rewarded by the inner awareness of joy and bliss. What makes relationships real is the trust energy that nurtured within the couple. Couples share their inner energy to completing each other. As one feels an expansion through the heart, which I call the "resonance of truth", this is because the point of attraction matches the lesson that one needs to learn to be transformed by the other.  Our focus and attention become the resonance of truth which is felt within the sensitivity of the open heart as love or the inner being entering the heart to create the feeling of love. Trust is born but not permanent. Fear triggers can break trust for the separate mind will then switch its focus to create a problem particularly within relationship. The love we feel is tested and nurtured by circumstances we attract through our own thoughts. As long as negative thoughts are not focused on, trust is complete. Once negative thoughts are focused on whether through fear or lack of self worth, particularly from our childhood that buried in the subconscious mind, we will attract them into our experiences. When one is aware of the confirmation coming from the inner knowing that one’s good, the resonance of truth is experienced. Within the beginning of relationships this is what one or the other partner’s senses within their body which opens the heart chakra allowing the inner being enter the aura of the other where wholeness is temporary felt. This experience is felt deep within the body mind and soul. This is allowed by Divine intelligence so new lesson can be experienced. This experiences by passes the conscious mind and is received at the deepest level of our being. It is felt within the soul. For the soul knows it is love but the conscious mind has other ideas, due to fear and the concept of SIN. As one chose to focus on fear one summons that self inflected thought to manifest. As one feels an expansion of love within the heart, one's body experiences love, joy or bliss. There is no room for fear or to focus on negative thoughts and beliefs which destroy the spirit within.  Know God is love, so here; one is in communication with the presence of God which is the inner being within the beloved. This creates peace, harmony and love temporary. But love has to be practiced within relationship for it to become permanent and wise.

Within all relationships there is growth and expansion of what is love, if there is better communication in asking for our emotional needs to be taken into consideration and acceptance then the relationships can grow. For there is an inner knowing within our hearts that The Divine Intelligence "The Son" the perfect reflection of God which is in spirit within the Holy Ghost, also known as the  comforter fills heart and experience within the body  with peace, harmony of mind, body and sprite within our relationships. All relationships begin in harmony due to the point of attraction within to create wholeness, so when one understands their point of attraction, knows there point of attraction one becomes aware of why the attract certain type of partners. I will be on holidays for the next three weeks. If any of my readers desire to learn more call me on pin Thomas. Pin No 500126

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