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Love Issues - Catagories


Wondering what kind of category your relationship fits into? Maybe, instead of fitting into a pre-conceived box, you're ready to step out of the merry-go-round that conditioned expectations or desires can provide. If you're feeling confused, and persistently dissatisfied in seeking or forming relationship, it could be due to your readiness to leave new cage labels behind and forge forward into new joy instead.

Let's first address the usual labels:

A, "karmic" connection, is defined as a relationship in which the two people participating have felt strongly drawn to each other at first. Then, as time goes on, the two of you may get on each other's nerves more than anything else. The metaphysical explanation is that the two of you have experienced one or more past lives together, and came into this present life with pre-existing issues to resolve. After those have been resolved, then you are ready to move on, having served your purpose for each other, and created balance. Or sometimes individuals can repeat the same dysfunctional patterns that existed in past lives, perpetuating unhappiness rather than growth. In either final scenario, an inevitable parting of the ways occurs.

A, "soul mate," connection has been defined in a few different ways in the new cage paradigms. Two primary schools of thought currently prevail: Firstly, that there is one person whom you are destined to be with forever. Secondly, that everyone has many soul mates, each one destined to come into your life for the purpose of teaching a lesson, and then moving on. In this school of thought, a soul mate can be a friend, lover, teacher, etc.

A, "twin flame" connection is sometimes used interchangeably with the term, "soul mate," with an even more intense connotation that refers to two individuals whose souls were created at the same time, then split in half in order to experience life in different facets. An intense longing for one's, "other half" is said to accompany this sort of connection.

The disruptive element in each of these terms is disempowerment. To hold onto the belief that there can only be one single person with whom you can develop a life partnership or long-term relationship not only doesn't make sense, but also can result in more vulnerable individuals clinging to dysfunctional, even abusive relationships, due to the belief that there is no one else out there. Nonsense. Dangerous nonsense, at that. There's no requirement to hold onto these terms, which can be traps. Free yourself.

Lilith's perspective in addressing relationship is to drop all of these conditioned labels, and aim toward a healthy, balanced, growth-based relationship. Attempting to fit a connection with another unique individual into a pre-described, supposedly pre-ordained puzzle piece and cling to it for the rest of your life just makes no sense. Making a conscious choice to get to know someone, making a conscious decision to move on if that relationship turns out to be harmful, and knowing for sure that your own self-care, self-respect, and connection with the Divinity within you guides you no matter what when you're balanced and healthy yourself makes more sense if you desire a responsible, healthy, fulfilling life - either with a partner or on your own. Think about it. Please.

Email Lilith, PIN 500956, for a concise or comprehensive reading that offers clarity, empowerment, and peace of mind, through offering you the keys to moving forward into greater self-understanding that promotes your ability to form healthful, balanced relationships of all kinds.

Thank you for your interest. Looking forward to serving you. Blessings!


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