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Lonely - Kindred Spirit

As a psychic medium with 46 years experience, I’ve been drawn into all 7 spiritual realms. By listening to the human spirits & angels, within these realms, I've learned so much. This blog is about one topic that 99.9% of society has been misguided on for way too long. People all the time ask or wonder, “When will I meet my soul mate?”...

When I am asked this question, I have to be honest and direct in telling them that they won't until the day which they die. Then I proceed in explaining to them what I am speaking about.
Soul mates are human spirits you have shared past lives with. They made the free will decision to follow you into this earthly plain in spirit form to guide and protect you. They make up part of your natural instincts and discernment over right from wrong. Soul mates are also the ones whom give you that gnawing feeling that something bad or even good is about to happen. Soul mates are your spirit guides and guardian angels...

Let’s now touch base on what a kindred spirit really is. A kindred spirit is someone you have shared past lives with that now are cohabiting the earthly plane at the same time you do...

Have you ever met someone for the very first time and for no reason at all, not be able to stand them?
What about an automatic feeling of love towards someone else?
How about feeling like they're your very best friend. ?
Maybe you just automatically begin to mother hen over someone.
It could also just be a feeling of that you have known them your entire life yet just met.

The situations above are caused by what is called “soul recognition ". Your spirit recognizes their spirit as someone whom you have been around before in a previous lifetime. These memories are deeply rooted in your sub-conscious mind. Which is why it takes a certified hypnotherapist to regress you, to find out about your past previous lifetimes you have lived already.

The sad thing about kindred spirits is they most likely have been brought into your present lifetime to work out past karmic energy. A lot of the times once the past karmic energy has been worked out they usually leave our lives. Then moving onto the next set of karmic issues they have to work out with another. On occasions free will can come into play and they stay in our lives around us in some sort of way.

Twin flames are the hardest to attain and keep in a romantic relationship. Here is why twin flames are so hard to maintain a romantic relationship with.

For the longest period of time humans have been taught that incestuous relationships are wrong, especially within the bible. Well, there is a reason for the word twin in the phrase “twin flame ". That reason is; in the most recent lifetime the two of you had shared you both were an actual set of twins. This is why you automatically will feel a very deep bond of love for them, yet have a hard time in developing a romantic relationship between the two of you.

Your lives will have also mirrored each other’s repeatedly throughout your lives. As an example: Let’s say at the age of 10 you both had broken your arm falling from a bicycle. Then at age 15 you both ran away from home for the same reasoning as the other. There will be many exact examples of experiences between a pair of twin flames.

Twin flames can make the best of friends. Yet if it goes in the direction of romance, for the most part it doesn't last. Since your subconscious remembers you was one upon a time siblings.

I sincerely hope this explanation of what Soul mates, Kindred Spirits and Twin Flames really are dispels any miss conceptions you may of once had.

Kindred spirits

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