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Life's Too Short to Stuff a Mushroom

Life’s Too Short to Stuff a Mushroom

Have you ever wondered why it is that when you set your heart on something or someone, it somehow always seems to elude you or be just beyond your reach? Many of us are conditioned to believe certain things and this goes right back to our childhoods where our characters, beliefs, patterns and behaviours are formed. We all do things that lead us to wonder afterwards  “Why did I do that?”

 These patterns and beliefs are buried deeply in our unconscious and we often find ourselves repeating the same mistakes, meeting the same type of people with similar characteristics and engaging in the same types of relationships. We then try desperately to make things work but invariably it is like trying to stuff a tiny mushroom: time consuming, fiddly and very frustrating. It’s usually best to listen when spirit guides us but often the way can seem dark or lonely or just too hard. There is a way to interrupt negative patterns so that we can correct our behaviour and change our patterns. First, we need to recognise that we are going around and around in a negative way of being. For example, we can seem to attract a totally different partner, only to discover that they have similar behaviours and destructive tendencies of our last relationship.

The first step is acceptance. When you are ready, accept and take ownership of your life and refuse to be defined by the past. Many things can be changed, resistance can be overcome and repeating, negative patterns can be re-wired. There is much you can do to take back your life. Try combining spiritual techniques with Energy Healing and often combined with other therapies, this can work well and can be long lasting. Many things have happened in my own life that can defy belief. I have learned to trust in Spirit and to be guided by my own intuition as well as my spirit guides and Ancestors. Get to know your spirit guide or guides if you can; it can be very empowering. I do not believe that spirit and our helpers care about or judge the mistakes we may have made, they only care that we remember them in our hearts. I also know for sure that spirits are attracted to light as a moth is to flame, that the sound of laughter will draw them to you and that we honour them best when we live our lives with honesty and the courage to be our best selves. Try to connect with your guides and Ancestors and they will find a way to communicate back and help where they can. The spirits (or souls if you prefer) still exist only on a different level or dimension. Some people like me are able to reach up to their level and communicate. They still watch over us and help out whenever they can. Just give your permission and ask for help. It might not occur in the way that you expect, but you will know it when it happens.

When he was six or so, I took my son on holiday to the island of Corfu. I’d bought him a small surfboard so we went to the beach to play. There were many children in the sea, the water level was at most of their knees and the water was calm almost like a pond as far as you could see. My son went into the sea to play with his surf board while I listened to one song on my walkman. I watched him while I had my headphones on: the song ended and a voice said, loud and very clear “…get up now and go into the water…” I didn’t hesitate; I got up and started walking in.

I’d not taken two or three steps before the whole scene changed. Huge waves came out of nowhere, the children were being tossed under the force of the pounding waves, they were screaming and out of the corner of my eyes I saw other parents running in to save them. My son was holding onto his board which was dragging him towards a jetty. I knew instinctively that if he went under it he might drown. I battled through those waves to get to him, shouting at him to let go of the board, but each wave seemed to drag me back and push me onto the jetty itself. If you’ve ever faced a similar experience you will agree that the sea is a force to be reckoned with, but I was determined and I got to him at last. As I was holding him in my arms the sea immediately dropped back to its original calm. I would not have believed it myself but I saw the other parents stop running and walk calmly in. I will never forget that voice and what happened, but that wasn’t the end of the strange phenomena that holiday.

The hotels in Corfu showed movies and a day or two later we went in to see Pearl Harbour, mostly to get out of the heat of the day. While watching I experienced what felt like freezing cold shivers and someone stroking my hair.  This lasted for quite a while and I remember thinking “gosh, what next” (though I may have used a more colourful term). My friend who was holidaying with us tapped me on the shoulder and said I needed to leave, something terrible had happened… It was 9/11 and terrorists had just flown two planes into the twin towers. The fact that we had been watching Pearl Harbour was not lost on me.

There are so many unanswered questions. I have no idea where those waves came from. Was it a natural event common to that coastal area? Probably. In which case, the voice that warned me obviously saw an alternative pathway, for me and my son, one that didn’t end with drowning at sea. Why did the waves become so strong, so quickly? Then die away just as quickly as soon as I reached him? Surely, I’ve asked myself, if there is a force that can give us warnings there may also be a force or forces that can cause events to occur. These days, I continue to ask for guidance and help from the spirit world. As my story illustrates, if you are tuned to them and give your permission for them to help you, they will. For now, this is the only explanation I can give you.

If, as it sometimes feels, we are the playthings or pets of the Gods, then I fully intend to explore my own power: and we do have power by nature of our free will, our determination and our search for the “truth”. Start with yourself, look at your patterns, release any negativity that you can and strengthen what needs it. The Ancestors balance out the world order. Call on them. They have aided me many, many more times than the examples above. My psychic abilities have not guaranteed me a perfect life filled with endless good luck. I have been tested so much. But still, I do believe that I have been blessed by their guidance

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