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Let Us Meditate

Meditation is a great way to access information that is not accessible in your conscious state, so how do we meditate? First find a place where you are undisturbed, turn off all devices, cell phones TV noisy kids or spouses shut them out for a while.

Dim the lights which will ease you into the transition from conscious to subconscious state. Candle light is preferable. Perhaps burn some incense to awaken your senses; my favorite scent is Nag Chapa. Wear loose clothing non-restricting so that you don't feel confined. Yoga pants are good or anything that moves with your body and is breathable. Not Denim.

Now find a comfortable position, either sitting with your legs crossed or with both feet flat on the ground. But make sure it’s comfortable so you don't have to shift your body into a more comfortable position mid meditation.

Now close your eyes, allow your body to feel heavy and lower your chin close to your chest, and inhale slowly now as you breath in you begin to feel a sense of calm, slowly exhale and release all your tension, release all your worries in your breath and release any negative feelings of stress, cast it out into the wind.

One; you are relaxed and at peace. Two; you are in a safe place. Three; you breathe in and out focusing on only your breath. Four; you may notice thoughts entering your mind but you do not own them you allow them to pass on by. Five; as one thought enters another leaves. Six; you see your thoughts becoming less and less. Seven; you are completely relaxed and your mind is now emptying all noise and clutter.

Eight; your mind is empty there is no thought in it at all. Nine; you see bubbles appear, in the bubbles are words. Ten; you pop each bubble containing negative words.
“Stress” bubble pops and the stress disappears. Hate, the bubble pops and the hate disappears. ‘Anger,’ the bubble pops and the anger disappears. Worry, the bubble pops and the worry disappears.

Now you see candles, each candle has a word in front of its holder, the first candle reads, 'Love' you light it, the second candle reads, 'Energy' you light it, the third candle reads 'Confidence' you light it. The fourth candle reads, 'Harmony' you light it the fifth candle reads 'Magic' you light it and the sixth candle reads 'Radiance' You light it, now the light from all these candles fills up the room and you feel from each one Love, Energy, Confidence, harmony, magic and radiance. You now inhale and fill your belly up with air, then slowly exhale as the air is released, you feel renewed, recharged and restored, as if you just awoke from an amazing restful slumber.

I will count back from ten and you will begin to come back to the conscious state, ten your body feels heavy and you are relaxed, nine you begin to feel the sensation of your fingers and toes, eight you feel a light surrounding you with love as you feel the heat of the sun on your skin, seven you can feel your heart beating and you begin to notice your breathing. Six you now feel your body becoming more alert, five your sense of taste is coming back, four your sense of smell just kicked in.

Three your mind is becoming more aware of its surroundings, two you stretch up and out your arms to release any tension. You slowly open your eyes. One welcome back and congratulations on your first meditation. Meditation is a wonderful way to retrieve information that we cannot access normally because our minds interrupt the process with useless noise and too much thinking.

Meditation is not about thinking; it’s about receiving information rather than thinking about it. We are open to anything that the universe wants us to know and when the information comes it’s like turning on a faucet full blast and the water pouring into our minds. The water is the information from the universe that pours into our minds continuously and this information is limitless.

The best thing about meditation is you can do it anytime anyplace if you know how, it requires training the mind to be still, so I suggest practising a little for ten minutes daily same time each day.

You can use the meditation that as above or gaze into the flame of a candle and only look at the light and by doing this you are training the mind to silence any outside noise. Focus only on what you want it to, in this case the flame coming from the candle.

I would love to help you further call me now.  I'm on extension 600171





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