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Law of Attraction - Action is part of attraction

Law Of Attraction  - Action is part of attraction

The mind is capable of doing things that seem to be beyond the boundaries of physical possibility. Telepathy, psychokinesis, clairvoyance, precognition and extra sensory perception (ESP) are topics of paranormal psychological phenomena.  The three kinds of psychic ability are great but there is a far more greater use of the mind. Reality Creation is the greatest of all psychic powers.
The Law of Attraction attracts by creating and creates by attracting. It pulls what you focus on to you, or it pulls together the quantum field to manifest it for you.   To create your reality, consistenly visualize and affirm what you want happen.  Quantum physics tells us that simply by observing something by giving it our attention, we change it and bring it into form.

So how long does it take to see the results of this focused reality?  That depends on how much you want it and what you are doing to attract it.    It is not as simple as throwing a penny in the wishing well or blowing out the birthday candle and hoping a simple wish will work. You must take action toward what you want in order for it to be drawn toward you and be aware of your thoughts, words, feelings and actions.  If you want to change something in your life, you must change the way you currently feel and act to attract what you do want.

 Action =   Attention – Energy – Time

These are  the 3 ingrediants needed to create and attract what you seek.
Attention:  Focus hard on what  or who you want to attract

Energy : Energize your  feeling and emotions and feel excited what you are creating, these are your magnets. By radiating joy and happiness, you are on your way to success.

Time : The more  time you spend on the first 2 essential ingrediants, the more rapid your attraction magnet will grow.
Affirmations can play a great part in this, because they help you focus your attention on what you want, but you must put energy of emotion into those affirmations, and you must do them repeatedly and often. Always state your affirmations with gratitude for having that experience now, in the present moment - this will allow you to attract that experience as quickly as possible.

However be careful for what you wish for!

To begin to implement the Law of Attraction, you need to decide what it is that you want to attract.

Consider other people in  your life before you  attempt to change  YOUR world.
For example if you are using the law of attraction to achieve a new career, has this been discussed with a partner and all in agreement of the changes it might make, ie change of location , lifestyle changes etc
The Law of Attraction should not be used to hurt others, ie  an avid attempt to gain the heart of your best friends husband or anyone’s husband, could seriously backfire on you.   

Think of the consequences of your actions. 

Dream the Dream

How often do we give up on a dream before we even try to achieve it. For example  you may want  a home of your own or a bigger house and think  I can never afford it so what is the point of wishing for its not going to happen. Maybe you have given up on the idea that Mr Right will turn up because it has happened yet.  Perhaps that promotion you want seems so out of reach and many contenders in front of you.

Start by visualizing that what you wish to attract is already yours. If it s a home, imagine walking up the path, through the front door and walking through each room  and see the colours and the furniture you would pick.  Visualize what meals you would be cooking in the kitchen and step out into the sunny garden where you would enjoy love summer BBQ’s. Feel the happiness that you would experience when living there.

If it’s a new job or a promotion act as if you already have it. Dress appropriately for your new position; learn as much about your new job as you can, does it require any additional skills that you can study?  Imagine yourself undertaking the duties and the praise and feedback you would achieve.

The vibration of your thoughts is what attracts things to you, so make sure that your thoughts are positive and affirming. Focus on why you deserve whatever it is that you wish to attract into your life. Take time to meditate daily on whatever it is that you wish to attract. See it in your life, in as much detail as you can.

An important factor is to also give thanks while you are focusing on what you wish attract as if it has already happened.  “Thank you for this lovely home” or “thank you for bringing this wonderful man into my life” Develop the mindset that everything you wish for can be yours. Remain focused and don’t lose direction as you are in the process of creating reality.
When we open ourselves to the Law of Attraction, we are opening up to Spirit, aligning ourselves with Spirit. Positive thoughts are attracting positive things into our life. When we are able to focus on something, and truly believe that it is in our life (or soon will be), we allow ourselves to take the informed risks that allow us to manifest what we wish. We are actually changing our mindset, and broadening our expectations. This allows new opportunities to come to us. 

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