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King And Queen Of Cups

King and Queen of Cups

Firstly, let’s look at the amazing Queen of Cups. One of my favourite Queens in the Tarot. She has many wonderful qualities and some that are very challenging. The Queen of Cups is often referred to as the mother of the Tarot deck. She is often associated with gentleness, nurturing and caring deeply about other people. She is a very romantic woman who loves deeply - sometimes too deeply. She can care for others too much and not look after herself well enough. She can become warn out and sickly.

Coupled with these characteristics she can also be a little dreamy eyed and unrealistic. She is guilty of wearing rose colour glasses at times and is not as realistic as others would like her to be. The Queen of Cups and/or Queen of Emotions is almost always associated with creative endeavours. She loves literature, all art and wonderful music. Not a big surprise that, the Queen of Cups is almost always referred to as a very psychic woman. She tends to know and feel things that are going to happen before they do.

Unfortunately, the Queen of Cups also has a few flaws that are very tricky and challenging. She can be too emotionally needy and can nurture others with deep personal motives of making other need her. She wants to feel useful, needed and wanted but this is not a good way of going about it. This Queen is also very uncomfortable with being alone as she has not developed a sense of being content with her own company. She also can stay in unhappy and unhealthy relationships too long. She is indeed an interesting and deep feeling person.

Now let's look at the King of Cups. He is known as the King of Water and Waves, and Emotions. He is almost always referred to as a deep feeler, just like his Queen, but he comes off as much more moody. He is famous for being a total contradiction! He is loving but complicated and complex emotionally. The King of Cups is also very over-sensitive so communication with him can be like walking on egg shells a lot of the time. He is a watery man and yet has a fiery personality. Therein lays the contradiction! He is often known as the lover and is very intense romantically.

The King of Cups is fascinating because he always behaves very self assured and yet he is very, very insecure, on the inside. He is in constant need of attention, praise, encouragement and guidance. This leads to the King of Cups less admirable qualities and his love for woman. He loves to be the focus of many women's attention as it helps him to feel secure and confident. It is not in this King's nature to be faithful to any one woman. He is also not good with finances. The King of Cups does love in his "own way" but he always has a motive much like his Queen, and you can be sure it is a selfish one. He is a great companion and has a genuine like for people and is fun to be around.

It is easy to see why the King and Queen of Cups are well suited. They actually need each other and are quite similar in their manipulative ways. They actually assist one another in each other’s approach to life and aid each other in dealing with their own personality flaws. The Queen of Cups is often the emotional compass for the King and he in turn, is the Queen's emotional protector.

As it is never easy to be with a selfish or cheating man, we can also look at his side of things and say that it cannot be easy to be with a woman who is needy or smothering. They are both manipulative and insecure so these two Royals seem to make it work because they assist one another, in an odd way that works for them.

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