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Karma And What It Means To Us All?

Karma WheelKarma is something that we all go through and need to face at some stage of our complex lives, basically the name Karma means ‘The law of cause and effect’ for example a good deed done today will result in something pleasant happening to you in the future, that is what good karma is all about.  However if we do something that is not right then this has to be paid back in some way in the future, this is termed negative karma, karmic debts are lessons that need to be learned so that our soul can progress.  We all go through these sometimes hard lessons that we need to master in our lifetime.

Everyone is a diverse mixture of positive and negative traits, sometimes these make us feel unworthy or bad about ourselves and give us a lack of self acceptance, it is easier to remain within our comfort zones and to accept ourselves as we are, but that is not always the answer to our problems and we need to make personal decisions if we wish to explore ourselves more deeply especially on a spiritual level.

A lot of the stress that we can build up inside ourselves can be avoided if we are prepared to get rid of bad thoughts or grievances about someone or something in our lives, any conflict will have a remarkable emotional effect on our bodies as well sometimes draining our energy and making us not think clearly.  These emotional effects can get out of hand and lead to further physical problems if we let them.  It is good advice to just let the grievance go for your health’s sake, this may be difficut to undertake for some of us but we need to understand how such things work in order to move on in our lives and to leave the past behind.  Once you master this and make the positive steps necessary then you will feel so much better in yourself having finally released that negative energy that was holding you back.

In the East they tend to go more with the natural flow of what has happened rather than to fight it, this way unity and wholeness will prevail, this is not allowing people or circumstances to take advntage of you but rather adopting a policy of going with the natural flow rather than to resist and make things far worse than what they really are.

The problem of our ego cannot be over stressed, what we need to rid ourselves of is the ‘I’ which is inside us all and to allow ourselves to flow with the natural rhythm of life and work with that beautiful energy rather than to attempt to fight it, once we do this then our lives truly become more meaningful and stress free.

One important thing to remember in all of this is that our Angel’s and guides cannot remove karmic debts on our behalf,those debts always need to be faced head on and dealt with naturally, only then can we truly make the progress we need once the debt has been paid off either in this lifetime or the next.

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