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Karma, Mahatma Gandhi and Prince Charles

GhandiPrince CharlesI was speaking with my friend Ian who is a fantastic medium doing platform work mainly in South London area. We were discussing Karma from the Indian prospective, when I told him the story as below re Karma, Mahatma Gandhi and Prince Charles. Ian said he would love for me put it out there and so this one’s for Ian!

I can remember at a very young age the elders in my family discussing Mahatma Gandhi who they said was reborn as a prince across the water because of his Karma. As I grew older I became aware that the prince they referred to was Prince Charles!

Apparently this was prophesised in a book written many hundreds of years ago, known as Saau Sakhi which means ‘A 100 Prophecies or Predictions’. There are many myths and mysteries surrounding this book one of which is that anyone owning this book will pay a terrible price for acquiring the knowledge of what the future is to bring.

Apparently Saau Sakhi predicts that there will be a great holy man will be sent to Earth who will free India from great oppression but that he would die at the dawn of freedom for India, as he will have fulfilled his Karmic obligations for that life time. The prediction continues that this holy man’s karma will cause him to be born again across the water as a prince in the royal house of the oppressor. Mahatma Gandhi had died – 30th January 1948 and Prince Charles was born – 14th November 1948.

It was stated in the Prophecy that the great soul will gain freedom in poverty and suffering but he will be tested by being re-born into great wealth and high birth. The challenge for him will be to hold onto his karmic growth by becoming ‘the enemy’ i.e. be born in the royal family whose rule he brought to an end.

Prince Charles, like Gandhi is highly intelligent and has often been the first to voice idea’s that were challenging to the main stream of thought rather like Gandhi with the principle of non violence. For example Prince Charles was among the first to comment about the positive outcome of talking to plants and though some ridiculed him or laughed at him, now it is accepted that talking to plants does have an impact on and reaction from the plant. In an experiment music was played to plants which affected the growth of the plant. Prince Charles is very passionate about green issues and has been long before it became fashionable to be so.

The elders in my family often pointed to other similarities such as Gandhi married a girl who was 13 years of age and Prince Charles also married a relatively young bride who was 19 – which was considered young though both were acceptable and legal in their time. It is said that though married Gandhi fell in love with another woman, so similarly with Prince Charles who was married to Diana but was in love with Camilla.

In the west it is common to talk casually about Karma and increasingly we also talk about instant karma. Karma is often used whenever there has been a challenging situation e.g. a terrible incident or an accident. In the east it often used in an envious or fatalistic way. If an event occurred in a person’s life which was considered lucky it was said to be the result of his karma and if there was tragedy it’s said the person cannot escape Karma.

But is karma this simple?

Both are referring to a person’s actions that result in good or bad consequences in their lives. In the west the implication is that its actions that you are currently taking which result in good or bad and so you can affect the outcome by changing your behavior. While in the east it is normally a reference to past life actions that we are feeling the consequences of now and so unable to change.

As a consequence people in the east are striving to lead good lives to ensure good karma in their next lives While in the west we strive to alter our behaviors which will lead to changes in our present circumstances – there are many examples of spiritual counseling being offered to help you learn meaning of your karma and your lessons to take the power back into your current life.

Karma is an eastern tradition and is very complex. Not only are there 3 types of Karma there are also 3 states of karma.

The 3 types of Karma are:

Karma that accumulates from life to life and you are constantly adding to is known as the whole memory.
Some Karma is said to have ripened and you meet in this life time in the form of events and is therefore of a fixed nature. This is known as the karma that comes forward.  In this life time you are creating new karma which you will enjoy in the future and is known as that which develops.

According to the accumulation of these laws of karma your will be reincarnated into the appropriate life.
But there are also 3 states of Karma. The first type is Fixed which means you cannot change it and is often referred to people who come into this life fated to do certain deeds and Hitler is often given as an example of this type of Karma and of course a warning!

The second type is Unfixed Karma which most people have and so you can change a lot of your Karma accordingly to your deeds and this is the one that we refer to mostly in the west.

The third type is a mixture of the 2 and is what is referred to in the east. This is the most challenging because you can only mitigate your karma. So if you were fated to have an accident then by performing positive actions this will be mitigated so that the accident will be transmuted from a serious one to a minor incident.

Referring back to Prince Charles perhaps if he lives his life with awareness and integrity then possibly he will be able to change his karma. It could then be argued that this is why he has been able to marry the person he truly loved but what then of the consequences of his bad decision to marry Diana – is this one for his next life or can he mitigate this with good actions in this life?

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