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Jupiter's Return

Jupiter's Influence

Jupiter is the largest and luckiest planet of them all! Every 12 years, Jupiter takes a trip back into the same placement that one was born in. This is called Jupiter's Return.

What does that mean for you? Well, every 12 years, opportunity for a continuously lucky year strikes! This means, at the ages of 12, 24, 36, 48, 60 (and so on) you will have a year of opportunity, eternal luck and sheer euphoria!

The way that Jupiter transits your astrological house will determine what Jupiter will do for you when it is in it’s return phase.  Jupiter will also shine a bit of sparkle onto every other avenue of your life simultaneously when it returns. A concentration of jovial attitudes, optimism and sheer brilliant luck will be with somebody for their whole Jupiter return year.

Utilizing Jupiter's luck is a skill. Just as we harness the moon in spiritual practices, we can also harness Jupiter's strengths. Jupiter goes retrograde and direct in our everyday transits, just as Mercury more famously does. And when Jupiter is in its return year for us, we get to experience the benefits of Jupiter throughout that whole year, regardless if its direct or retrograde.

The power and energy of Jupiter is unmistakable. When Jupiter is in retrograde, it can create a feeling of needing to think outside the box to make things happen, unlike when Jupiter is direct. When Jupiter is direct, we are able to make quick decisions with ease, gamble a little and make decisions based on blind faith and feelings of optimism. The retrograde causes us to have to look within, to create that luck for ourselves, rather than relying on Jupiter just to hand it to us.

Jupiter has been in retrograde this year since June 20th of 2021, but have no fear! Jupiter comes direct again around the 18th of October 2021, and we will all have that feeling of optimism back on our side!

Sometimes we make our own luck, and sometimes Jupiter does the job for us. .

What return year are you closest too?
What areas of your life do you need luck with?
How can we utilize Jupiter's energy to our maximum benefit?

If you have any questions about your luck, give me a call!

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