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July 2021 Charmscope Predictions

Aries: Horseshoe & Drum.


This month starts off with a dry spell finally ending. Where you may have felt stuck before, you are now noticing a lot of movement around you as new doors begin to open in work and love, so be ready to grab them as they appear. Where work is concerned, luck is on your side. Work is going to start progressing faster and harder for you, so be prepared to put in some extra hours. If you are looking for work it is connected to animals, communication work, creative work, banking & finance, and self-employment.  Relationships will be up and down this month mainly due to other interferences getting in the way. For some of you there may be an end to a relationship that has not been working for a while, but for others there is an issue with spending time together. So, try to make time for each other to show how much you both care and appreciate each other, and remember it takes 2 to tango. Make sure the relationship is balanced and equal, not one sided. If you are looking for love it is connected to work, an outdoor event, a health place or gym, a celebration or night out and a Gemini. For some of you there will be good news connected to contracts for work or a house, but make sure you read the small print before signing. A celebration at home connected to a either a family member, pet, or a holiday will bring some happiness your way.


Taurus: Telephone & Flowers.


This month it is all about planning ahead. You know what you want, you just need to stop finding excuses to prevent you from getting it. This month, where work is concerned, there will be an opportunity to advance in your career. This will be either by networking with the right people, or through you being offered a new position/ extra work. You will find that you are going to be busier than normal, so don't make any promises you can't keep. If you are looking for work it is connected to communication work, hospitality services, health care and travel. Relationships are looking great this month as you reconnect with family members and loved ones on a much deeper level. You will be more open and willing to talk about how you are feeling which will make your partner open up more too. If you are looking for love it is connected to work, a social event, a phone call from someone from your past, an Aries and a place near water. Try not to get involved in work place gossip as it will lead to trouble, and a visit from someone unexpected will end in a happy occasion.


Gemini: Ring & Cane.


You are not afraid of hard work and this month it will show, as you are willing to put in extra hours as long as you get the dough. You are being noticed by the right people at work and whether you like it or not (because you are comfortable as you are), you may find your name being put forward for a better role.  If you are looking for work it is connected to retail, banking and investments, health care and the justice system/ police work. Where relationships are concerned, there may be a small issue with commitment that needs to be addressed. You or your partner are not putting as much effort into the relationship and small cracks are beginning to show, so make time to talk to each other or spend time with each other, before those cracks get worse. For others there will be news of a stronger commitment being made such as an engagement/wedding or the beginning of plans to move in together. If you are looking for love, let go of the past. Love is connected to work, a health place, an A name and a Capricorn.  A change at work is coming and it’s a good one too, but double check paperwork before signing. For some of you there will be a new home or a move happening and for others a small bit of luck will brighten your month immensely


Cancer: Cannon & Bells.


Success is coming your way this month, as your hard work and effort starts to pay off. This month at work it is all about co-operation, whether you work with a partner/team or not. The way you communicate to others connected with your work will show off how talented you really are, so do not be afraid to speak your mind, as your input will be a valuable lesson for some. People are watching you and wanting to connect/collaborate with you, so make it happen. If you are looking for work it is connected to teamwork, the military, banking, retail, event planning and spiritual work. Where relationships are concerned, there may be small disagreements connected to spending, and family members or children. But in general this is going to be a great month love wise for you, where others will show their appreciation and love for you not only on your birthday, but throughout the month too. You will be feeling very blessed. If you are looking for love it is connected to travel, shopping, a cafe, a Pisces, and a celebration you attend. In general this is going to be a great month for you as you embrace everything Cancerian. Your intuition is going to be on point and you will amaze friends and loved ones with how accurate you are about situations, people or places. News connected to a promotion will bring you happiness, but will also mean working more hours. Travel and starting new projects are going to be top of your to do list this month, so remember to make time to do them. Have a happy birthday and a great month!


Leo: Mask & Book.


This month is about big decisions in both love and work. This month at work you will need to show others who you really are. You have a habit of letting others take the lead, but now is the time to step into your power and show everyone what you are capable of. A decision connected to speaking up or staying quiet at work will cause some anxiety, so don't overthink it and do what you feel is right. If you are looking for work it is connected to event planning, education, travel/ tourism, building and repair work. Where relationships are concerned there may be an issue connected with trust that needs to be addressed for some of you, and for others there will be a stronger commitment being made. Trust issues are going to be your main concern this month, as these will make or break the relationship. So if you are worried about something being hidden from you, speak up and talk to your partner about it. If you are looking for love it is connected to a secret admirer, education/learning a new skill, and online dating. This month is about getting focused and making confident choices. At the moment you are holding back from asking what you want, because you are scared of the answers you might get. But if you don't ask, you will never know, and will always be hanging around in limbo. So make an effort to find out the truth, if only to ease some of the anxiety you might feel this month.  An opportunity to learn a new skill will open up lots of new doors for you, so be ready to grab it when you can.


Virgo: Grapes & Bridge.


This month it is about family and success for you. Where work is concerned, you will find yourself facing options and chances to grow and expand your knowledge. The problem is that some of them will be great and new to you, but other opportunities will require you to step on other’s toes to get them. Choose wisely what you want and where you want to be this month. If you are looking for work it is connected to a family run business, retail, travel, and farming. Where relationships are concerned if you have been going through a rough patch recently you will notice a big change coming in both of your attitudes. You will be more caring and concerned with one another's feelings, and find that you are coming together stronger than before. If you are looking for love, it is connected to a night out with friends, a holiday or day trip work and a Pisces. Building bridges and repairing relationships connected to family will be your main priority this month, but don't bend over backwards to make others feel more comfortable, when they won't do the same for you.


Libra: Triangle & Fish.


This month is all about abundance and power. Where work is concerned, you will have the opportunity this month to show others exactly what you know, and why you are so good at your job. It’s not a case of showing off, but showing what you are worth, so don't mess it up by doubting your own abilities. If you are looking for work it is connected to teaching, training, health and fitness, building and construction and animals. Where relationships are concerned, you are surrounded by loved ones and friends who want to help you succeed in all you want to do, but your stubbornness can sometimes get in the way. It’s not a sign of weakness to accept help, especially if you have so much on your plate, which this month you will. If you are looking for love it is connected to work, online dating, a male friend and an Aries. Watch out for jealousy and gossip connected to the work place, and try not to get involved, especially if it’s connected to a male colleague. A new home or a change at home is just what you need this month. Pay attention when travelling and watch your speed if driving, it’s not so much what you are doing, but those around you. It’s also time to cut out those bad habits, the ones you keep saying you are going to stop, but never seem to do. A healthy new diet or exercise regime is going to get you in the mood again for summer, but this time your determination is stronger.


Scorpio: Car & Rabbit.


This month is about finding the right path for you. Where work is concerned, you already know you are great at what you do, but is it enough to keep you satisfied? You want a change, something that will challenge your mind, but are not sure where to start. The best way to handle this is to think about your dream job and what you need to fulfil that dream and then you can make a plan to make that happen. New paths are opening up to you, but only you will know what path to take. If you are looking for work it is connected to children, healthcare, education, travel and the hospitality services. Where relationships are concerned there is some kind of offer a loved one will suggest connected with a holiday. Before dismissing the idea because you are busy, hear them out as it could be a trip worth your while. If you are looking for love it is connected to a game you play with friends, a social event, a place of education and a Pisces or D name. In general, this month will have you feeling a little confused, as you start to figure out what you want from the rest of this year and your life in general. Don't be in too much of a rush to make decisions, especially if they affect matters of the heart. A holiday or a home change is finally looking likely. There is also something about a broken cup, so be careful when handling plates and cutlery!


Sagittarius: Mermaid & Umbrella.


This month it’s about making those fantasies and dreams become a reality. Where work is concerned this month you will be full of ideas and plans, and good ones too. But you tend to hide them or keep them to yourself. You will need to step out of your comfort zone this month and start showing what you are made of. A female around you will help you with some work that has been delayed, but you need to ask for help when you need it. If you are looking for work it is connected to a self-employment dream of yours, a female friend, health care, media & TV, and charity work. Where relationships are concerned there may be an issue with things being a bit stagnant. By that I mean the spark is fading or gone and you will need to do something to relight those flames of passion. Make time for date nights, or indulging in each other's fantasies to bring the spark back. If you are looking for love it is connected to water, either the sea, a lake or even a drinking venue, a group of friends, online dating, and a Cancerian. In general this month is about working on yourself, and getting to where you want to be. You have been putting work and others before you recently and you have ended up pushing your own dreams aside. Make sure you spend some time looking at ways to make those dreams happen again, and start putting those plans in to action, especially the one connected to a self-employment dream.


Capricorn: Eye & House.


This month it is all about feeling secure. You are in a go-getting mood this month especially where work is concerned, and you will be ready to take on any challenges that come your way. However, you may find that helping others out at work is the best way to reach your goals. This month you will find yourself having to work in a partnership or team to get a job completed. If you are looking for work it is connected to real estate, health care, banking & finance, creative work, education and retail or hospitality services. Where relationships are concerned there may be a small issue of trust for some, but for other's a deepened connection as you tune into each other's desires more. If you are looking for love it is connected to a night out with friends, an older person, travel, a secret admirer and another Capricorn.  This month is about getting your act together and sorting out what is working and what isn't. You may find at some point this month, you may need to work more at home or from home in order to get stuff done. There is a lot of travelling too, and it looks to be connected with family matters, and there may be an issue with keeping secrets. Either you are keeping them, or someone is keeping them from you, but either way this will cause some anxiety for you, so it’s better to sort it out sooner rather than later.


Aquarius: Boot & Butterfly.


Your hard work and effort is going to pay off this month, especially where work is concerned as you get the opportunity to show how creative you can really be. This will open up new opportunities to you, so don't be afraid to think outside the box. It will get you noticed by the right people. If you are looking for work it is connected to the hospitality services, health care, children & education, and event planning. Where relationships are concerned you are going to be popular and in demand from loved ones. People will love being around you and your energy, but do not make plans that you cannot keep. There will be a strong feeling of love around you and coming off you as you and your partner make plans for the future. If you are looking for love it is connected to friends, nights out, the internet a Cancerian and a beach. In general you are going to be very busy this month but mainly with social events. There will be some kind of celebration that you will need to attend for family reasons, but other invitations that come your way will mainly be for fun, and you can pick and choose which ones you will attend.


Pisces: Heart & Wine Glass.


The focus this month for you is love and socialising. Where work is concerned an opportunity to advance this month will come your way, but you will need to prove how much you want this. You will be competing with others, so make sure you keep your ideas hidden until you need to show them. If you are looking for work it is connected to the legal system, hospitality services, hospitals or healthcare, security, an office or communication work. Where relationships are concerned, there will be a celebration for some as a new addition joins the family either through an engagement or wedding. Where love is concerned, you will be feeling blessed and very loved up this month. If you are looking for love, it is connected to a newcomer to your circle, work, the internet, and an Aquarius. This month you will find your plans changing constantly, especially when it comes to socialising, so you may find that you have to be more adaptable than normal. However, saying that, there may be a clash with a friend that keeps making plans and changing them at the last minute. Set boundaries with this person, or have a back-up plan, so they don't keep ruining your days.

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