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We all have times in our lives where we have a situation where we are unsure of what to do. Often we can see that action may be needed but we are unsure of how or more importantly when to make a move. This is where a tarot reading can be really useful. I personally believe that tarot is not there to make decisions for us (that just gives away all of our own power) but what it can do is give us some wonderful guidance as to how and when to approach a situation.

For instance let’s say there is a situation around us that is giving us a bit of a dilemma, to act or not to act? A reading that is loaded with wands cards may well be encouraging us to take action or warning us that we have to be wary of pushing too hard (depending on which cards are drawn of course). A reading loaded with swords may be asking us to give the situation more thought and to communicate more to find resolution. Cups cards in these sort of readings tend to be asking us to get in touch with our feelings on the subject and to trust in our own intuition and the Pentacles often ask us to slow down and to be practical and grounded before we act. The way that the cards fall can show us the best way forward in this type of situation without putting words in our mouths or making decisions for us they just guide us on the path which is likely to bring about the best resolution for us.

One of the most interesting cards to crop up in these dilemma readings is the High Priestess as she appears when we really need to listen to our own intuition. Often when we are embroiled in a situations, over thinking it all or getting lost in the frustration or the emotion we forget that we have the most powerful tool available to us all the time and that is our own intuition. To get back in touch with it though we need to get out of our head and into our body more. Meditation is a great way to do this when you are calm and grounded you will be able to feel your intuition more strongly, for me I feel it in the solar plexus but not everyone feels it the same way. If you get peaceful regularly you will find it easier and easier to really pick up on what you intuitively know is right. We all have that inner High Priestess to lead us in the right direction.

In short a reading can really help with knowing the best way to approach tricky situations, and of course having that little bit of insight is invaluable as it allows us to approach the situation confident that we are taking the best course of action (or inaction ) for us.





High Priestess

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