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We all need inspiration in our lives at some point, whether it be from a relative, friend, seminar or book wherever or whenever we need it forth it comes just at the right time.  It can be as simple as a word, phrase, words or encouragement, recounting a story, or the little push of encouragement that makes us make sense of something to carry on and go forth with things, put things in their place and things seem that little bit easier, like things have slotted into place.

You too give words of inspiration which can be unknowingly or knowingly to people which can make a world of difference to them, their day, their lives and the way in which they view things in their lives, words and actions are such powerful things, such as is the written word and when we read it sinks slowly into our subconscious mind and brings it forth to our conscious mind when we need to recall it.

Our mind can be our inspiration to us too, we have so much to access, recalling positive events to help and propel us forward, to give us strength and courage in times of need, to pick us up, knowing we can get there, knowing we are strong, when we feel week emotionally and physically.  It can be our greatest friend but alas can also be our foe if we let it.  Why not embark and let it be your greatest friend?  Access times when you need inspiration, recall on times in your life when you have overcome obstacles which you never thought you would, but YOU DID, you achieved it and look at how far you came.  You can do it again, you know you can.  Whether it be emotionally or physical obstacles, people may be restricted due to physical restraints but look at what great feats they have achieved by pushing boundaries that is inspiration in itself.  You are no different to them, you just need to believe in yourself, you are a person whom can achieve things if you really want to.

Your future does not rely on another person, your future is not in their hands, it is in yours.  Are you today by what you are doing now not creating your tomorrow?  All we have is the here and now.  Nothing about the future is guaranteed, we have to seize the opportunities is life as they come.  Life is precious as are you.  You are an inspiration unto yourself, now all you have to do, is think about you, INSPIRATION comes from within and outside of you, so access the resources you have available to you.  Do not sit on your laurels, inspire yourself, inspire others, it is what lives and dreams are made of, it is what reality is made of, your reality, it is in your hands and you are capable aren’t you?

It can be hard at times to pick yourself up from an emotional break-up, loved one, but remember, would they want you to suffer and be hurt?  There is obviously a time for grieving Yes, whether we have lost a loved one whom has gone back home to spirit, or a loved one through a break-up, it can be emotional turmoil, however we need to carry on, face life, pick ourselves up and get through it and eventually find the joy in life again.  Life is for living and even the simple things in life can bring the most pleasure, it is not about finances, it is about inspiration, whatever that inspiration maybe to get you back on your path, to rejoice in the experiences of what this life has to offer for the time in which we are here.

Inspiration is the Key to a life to inspire you on your journey, can align you on your path and help you on your steps to find the keys to unlock the potential within yourself.



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