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Infinite Human Coaching

 I am Elizabeth Monroy and I do what I call Infinite Human Coaching. This was based on a form of healing that addresses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual natures of the human, which I wrote about in a book entitled The Pathway Home which I wrote with my husband a physician.  This concept came to me over twenty years ago and brought me to my Spiritual Teachers, Master Teachers who are not unlike many of the Master Spiritual Teachers of the past: Yuan Yin, Buddha, Lao Tao Tung, and Babaji. These Christ beings come to the planet to help out especially during times of great transition such as the one we are right now. 

These End times that many are so frightened about and are causing the disintegration of many institutions and ideals we have held of value are part of the Piscean Age which is giving way to the Age of Aquarius.  In this age we are eliminating the middle man or woman the priests the rabbis, the gurus and information is becoming more and more available to all. The vibrations are increasing forcing people to let go of age old karmic patterns and making the state of enlightenment more readily accessible.  

The human body is also vibrating at a higher frequency causing disease and forcing individuals to use new diets, exercises and healing modalities. 

However the consciousness of the planet has not made the leap into the Age of Aquarius. The human is as always resistant to change. So there are many of us who are helping the masses in this time of great upheaval and change to gain clarity and understanding in their day to day lives.

I hold a Masters in Mental Health Counselling. I use my gifts, talents and training from my Master Spiritual Teachers to serve and to help humanity to move more easily into transmutation of their consciousness and body. This comes when you complete your karma and attain the highest spiritual state you can this life time. I have many modalities such as tarot coaching, hypnotherapy, adv. meditation, past life regression, reiki crystal healing. I can use these in person or at a distance which I do. 

Sometimes I do work as a medium, with people that no longer have bodies but that is only if they “Show Up “ and have something that I feel is very healing to share with the person I am coaching.

For example a woman’s mother had recently passed and all of her life she had sent her daughter the devastating message that being a woman was bad and this had damaged this woman’s life. I told her that her mother wanted her to know she was wrong and apologized to her... We both had chills and the client burst into healing tears. I know while there are people who specialize in mediumship I don’t and I tell people just because someone no longer has a body does not make it spiritual to hang out with them.

I do however spend most of my time hanging out with what I call the big guys: my soul friends and other Master Teacher who may or may not be in their physical form. I also only use my gifts and abilities to help others and never to harm anyone and never, ever to show off or prove something. 

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