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IMAGINATION - Call forth the ability to use your imagination in positive constructive thoughts.


Divine imagination is what we implement to mould the paradise of our inner thoughts knowing that the ideas, and desires will be realized. It is through divine imagination that the soul first gets the impulse to expand. Remember, when you still your mind, you learn to lift your vision above things as they commonly appear and this helps to bring all the other faculties into captivity to the obedience of the  Higher Self within. Divine imagination exists and will take an opportunity to express itself. Imagination - is the formative power of thought. It is the moulding power of the mind. Remember, every word, every combination of words has at the back of it an image, a thought picture we now know these images. These combinations of shapes working in omnipresent substance mould our lives. Remember, everything that happens in the outer world first takes place in the inner planes of thoughts.


So while in our imagination, the thoughts which we permit can change our life and have a wonderful effect on our lives. Imagination allows us to expand. It is with the imagination that we learn to lift our vision above of what we presently observe and this also helps to bring all the other faculties into the obedience of the Christ Consciousness (Ail That Is) which is love instead of picturing a result of punishment as a result of SIN. With patient and practice, one can imagine anything into existence.

It is through the imagination that the formless takes form. Asking the Higher Self for guidance, allows us to be inspired, sometimes a dream, sometimes an inner known, sometimes a vision. Saul had a vision. I know many who have had visions. To this day, I know many and have heard stories of people everywhere receiving visions and dreams, which word just could not explain. Our mind formulates into thought images of every idea that arises in it. Watch Bloomberg TV. These interviews demonstrate the power of imagination at work.

We express through language which is a little bit inadequate, so be mindful of symbols which represent the idea rather than the thing. So it would be wise not to let the intellect be the master as it can't materialize your dream. Be mindful of your imagination, man (individual) should appropriate and harmonize his/her inner consciousness of all thoughts of separation, all unseemliness, and impurity, narrowness, selfishness - the thought that being diversity and separation from "All That Is". Allow impulses to express the real self. Divine imagination exists and it watches every opportunity to express itself.

We all have access to God; therefore we have access to divine imagination. Our imagination is a formative power of thought that moulds our lives. Remember, "Everything that happens in the outer world first takes place in the inner realm of thought. It would be wise to make meditation an important part of your day. Bartholomew symbolizes the faculty of divine imagination. It is situated between the eyes within the ganglionic nerve center. When it is spiritually quickened, it will set into the operation of the Divine Imaging power. Realize that the quickening of the power of the word brings Divine Image imagination into manifestation.

"American Magazine for June 1930" - Albert Einstein

"Every man knows that in his workhe does best and accomplishes most when he has attained a proficiency that enables him to work intuitively"

The ability to work by intuition is one that can be acquired in any walks of life. It comes as the result of prolonged effort (attention) and reflection, application, and even failures, and try again (effortless, the answer always there to be realized, “Ask and you shall receive"). With divine imagination, all things are possible. Imagination is more important than knowledge. We are only limited by our own imagination.

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