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How To Read With Playing Cards: Cartomancy

How To Read With Playing Cards: Cartomancy

Cartomancy is one of the earliest forms of card reading, going back over 600 years.  It is a form of divination using what we today consider playing cards

A single simple question is usually answered with a three card reading, using the whole fifty two card deck. Each card usually has six direct meanings which can alter according to the cards preceding and following it. 

Red cards are regarded as good cards and black usually have some negative connotations.  

If the first three cards don’t provide enough of an answer, you can draw another three cards for clarification. These are placed in an additional row under the first. You take the card above into account as well as the one next to it when reading the second row. If you use a third row for even greater detail you would read across each row, then down each column and then diagonally. This should conclude this reading of that particular question and on most occasions it will give a satisfactory answer. It is important to remember the client is entitled to know both the good and the bad. Please don't sugarcoat a reading. Just telling the client wants to hear is unfair.

Red cards: Hearts and Diamonds

Black cards: Spades and Clubs


Aces - New beginnings

Kings: Usually a gentleman. The following and preceding cards will offer a brief description of him, his character and what role he will play in your life.

Queens: A female of importance in your life. The following and preceding cards will offer a description of the role or influence she may have.

Jack: Usually a younger male in your life, though sometimes it can represent a messenger.

 Tens: Represents emotional connections, journeys and endings.

Nines:  Represents changes

Eights: Represents ideas and thoughts

Sevens: Represents future troubles

Sixes: Represents Your path. The following and preceding cards represent the way you will tread it.

Fives: Represent your body.

Fours: Represent that there will be no change.

Threes: Represents growth.

Twos: Exchanging something

There are many different spreads you can use depending on the question posed by a client. The spread you use is totally dependent on you and your intuition. If you are new to this kind of tool, try different spreads until you find the one you are most comfortable with. 

On many occasions, when talking to a client I pull cards at random, sometimes using the entire deck. It is quite amazing how a cartomancy reading can clarify the situation and often brings in items I might have seen only fleetingly psychically. Using cartomancy as well as psychic abilities I can make sure I don’t pass over things that later prove to be very important to the client. It reinforces the psychic reading and makes sure that I don’t miss anything. 

I find it totally fascinating how these cards, in the right hands, can know so much

The card deck which I made for my own readings is now a very well thumbed and used deck. I made it for two reasons. I have small hands so I made it smaller than the average deck and secondly I have my own messages printed on them. These are important both to me, my guide and to my client.

If you’d like a cartomancy reading, give me a call!

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