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Relationship Audit

Relationship Audit


How do you know whether you’re with your true love, or if you’ll ever meet them?

Love is the simplest emotion to recognise when you understand what it is, but most of us confuse love with romance or a sexual attraction. Romance and attraction maybe nice, but it usually wears off after a while, leaving the relationship feeling something akin to an empty coke can when you’re really thirsty.

Picking up after your partner can become tiresome and if there’s no love-glue to hold your relationship together, it’ll soon become a duty and then a burden that gets heavier and heavier as time goes by. In the end, your left with a sore heart, broken confidence and wishing for the laughter and joy you used to revel in. One morning you might even wake up to the fact that you haven’t smiled for a long, long time - way too long.

If you’re in a situation resembling the above, it’s time to find out what’s going on! Think to yourself, if you’re with the right person would you need a reading to confirm that? Or do you already know why things aren’t the way they used to be? We’ve all had a hectic 2020 so far and it’s placed extensive pressure on every thinkable relationship. It could be that you just need to shake off the cobwebs that lockdown has wound you up in. Or, if you suspect you and your partner have grown apart, is there a way forward or is it simply time to stop wasting your time and move on to find your one-and-only?

Being in a loving relationship is something most of us aspire to. If you aspire to it then a comprehensive psychic coaching session can help you to discover what’s happening right now in so many ways.  If you feel things aren’t as picture perfect as they should be and you’re wondering how best to go about either repairing what you’ve got, or wondering what steps to take to get your love life on to a fun and exciting path that will allow you to glow, grow and partake in the abundance of true love, perhaps try a reading. Boost your love life out of the doldrums and send it spinning into ecstasy!

If you want a love reading or relationship audit, call me!

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