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How To Manifest

How To Manifest

Okay. First things first, we are always manifesting, each and every day, whether we believe in the Law of Attraction or not. The secret is for us to use our conscious mind more often, so that we manifest what we DO want and rather than what we don’t. “How do we do that?” I hear you say. Well, as simple as it is, it actually does take time and effort on our part to manifest our desires.

So let’s begin by being perfectly clear on what it is we want to manifest. Believe it or not, more people than you realise actually do not know what they truly want, and this is probably why they say that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for them.

Say for example, you want to manifest love. Firstly, remember the last time that you were in love. Go back to a particular scene where you had that overwhelming rush of being in love. Just stay with that feeling for a few moments and you’ll begin to remember how good that felt. You see, the reason that this is most often overlooked and those looking for love cannot find it is they have simply forgotten what it felt like. Because of this that energy isn’t showing up in their reality.

Everything begins from within. Nothing will show up on the outside until we feel it in ourselves first. Our brains are a machine and too many of us are allowing our machine to run our lives when it should be the other way around! You tell your brain what to do and it will do it. Our aim is to make the unconscious conscious and we do that by having a think on how our lives look today, how our manifesting has been so far. Be honest with yourself. If you don’t have love, now is maybe time to try and manifest some. It’s a starting point. Once you remember that feeling, your imagination will open up with more pleasant visualisations and basically just more “feel good” emotions.

Now, let’s talk about money. Say you want to manifest some money, you’ve been trying for some time and it just hasn’t come to fruition yet. Don’t wonder HOW the money is going to come. Just feel you already have the money. Imagine what you will do with the money, feel it, smell it. Picture yourself treating your loved ones and yourself. Stay in the feeling of that wish fulfilled and believe you have it in your purse already. Do not be focused on the lack of money. We all know the saying, “money goes to money” and this is simply because those people are feeling abundant. And you can too, by simply using your feelings to feel you already have it and your wonderful imagination to see yourself doing the things you dream of. Do not worry, because this is a negative emotion that gets in the way of manifesting. 

Believe, have faith, have confidence and let the “how” take care of itself!

Happy Manifesting!

Michelle - 500586

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