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Law of Attraction and the Knight of Pentacles

Law of Attraction and the Knight of Pentacles

When we think of the law of attraction there are often preconceived notions attached. We may dismiss it as mere “woo woo” or embrace it as some kind of magical cure all. Our biases about the law of attraction can frequently cause us to dismiss it altogether or expect immediate payoff, both can be equally harmful. When I think of the law of attraction, famous book and film “The Secret” immediately comes to mind. While many elements of this take on the law of attraction offer very helpful insights, some of them (namely the idea that we’ll all become millionaires if we just adopt a new mindset) can do more harm than good. 

In the United States we have something we call "prosperity doctrine." A loose definition of this term would be that God or Spirit blesses us in accordance with our goodness and spirituality. If we’re wealthy we “deserve it.” If we lack abundance in our lives we also “deserve it.” This type of thinking can be so harmful to our psyche and sense of self worth, as well as having some awful impacts on wider society!

In reality the law of attraction means that we attract people and things into our life based on our energy and mindset. Sometimes as brilliant, creative, spiritual people we'll attract positive things because of our frequency. Just as this happens, we can also unwittingly attract negative people and situations because of our higher vibration and energy. We can attract people who want to collaborate with us and create mutually beneficial abundance. Likewise we can attract people who want to take us down a notch or suck up our energy for themselves. If you have a high vibration and a good sense of self awareness you may notice that you attract both.

When we have low or negative energy, we may notice we’re attracting a lot of negative situations and people. When we have high and positive energy we may notice that we attract positive and negative things equally and become quite a bit puzzled about it.

Enter the Knight of Pentacles. He's known to be loyal, honourable, kind, and very much in control of his situation. He's conservative and perhaps even a bit stubborn. While we might think of him as the resolute person who sees everything to the end, this is not always the case. He's steadfast in his dedication, but not always to a situation. His steadfastness is to his goals and values. If a situation does more harm than good to him or his loved ones, he will most certainly be seeking greener pastures elsewhere. On the other hand, just because he happens to be facing challenges he will not back down easily, particularly if he’s on a quest or protecting himself and loved ones. In life most of us are on a quest to accomplish something, and we care for ourselves, our friends, and families. Of all the knights, he's the least likely to take rash action. If struggles arise he’ll carefully weigh the aspects of the situation before he makes a decision. He’s all about action, but rarely hasty. If he needs to run, he will, but he’s most likely to seek to improve the situation and then walk away with dignity if this fails He relies on a mixture of weighing the situation carefully and relying on his gut instinct, this is because he’s the most grounded being connected to the earth element. When the going gets tough, he considers what course of action would be the most wise and balanced.

Give yourself permission to stay committed to your sense of self in order to achieve your dreams and goals. Be committed to yourself and others around you. Be prepared to put in hard work and effort to achieve your desired outcome. If a situation sucks you dry or does more harm than good, give yourself permission to walk away. Our inner dignity and self worth is far more important than a career making millions that leaves no time for anything else. Or maybe you’re fixating on that dream lover who’s witty and sexy, but who hurts our self-esteem. Give yourself permission to care about others while engaging in self care and setting firm boundaries. Work with steadfast resolve to achieve your dreams, but don’t get down on yourself if you need to find a new way of pursuing them. Leaving a job or relationship doesn’t make you a quitter, it’s giving up on yourself and your dreams that does. Look for creative solutions to challenges, put in the effort, and if a situation is not changing, feel free to look for new opportunities coming your way. Don’t just wait for them to fall in your lap, go out and actively seek them. This is when things will really fall into place. Never call yourself a failure if something isn’t working; look for new ways to make it happen. Get in tune with yourself, practice self care, be resolute, and go with your gut.

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