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How To Learn From Your Mistakes

How To Learn From Your Mistakes


‘’Each Morning We Are Born Again. What We Do Today… Is What Matters the Most”, Gautama Buddha


For most of us, we get the wonderful opportunity of living another day.  Sound dramatic?  It’s really not.  We should never take our lives or the lives of others for granted.

The Buddha got it right, each day we have is another opportunity of life.  Each day we have the chance to live a better life than we did yesterday.  Each day we have the chance to do something good for someone other than ourselves.

We all make mistakes, each and every one of us.  Not one person walking this earth has not done something either silly, dishonest, or just plain wrong. The thing is, not all people walking this earth repeat those things they did that they are today ashamed of.

That is what matters. 

When we have done something wrong, we should own it.  We should be held to account.  If it is something you can put right then you should do, but if it is something you are better staying out of then you know you have turned that mistake into a learning experience. You will initially regret your actions and feel remorse, but then you know you will never repeat the action again.  Learn your lesson and remember the wonderful words of the Buddha, reassuring you that tomorrow is a fresh start.

Those that repeat their wrongdoings and mistakes are never going to feel regret or remorse and even with the benefit of a fresh start and a chance to be better, those mistakes will just be repeated. 

Make those mistakes an experience and then enjoy each day as it starts afresh.  Make each day matter!

Stay positive


Shelly x

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