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How To Develop Your Psychic Abilities

How to Develop Your Psychic Abilities

To develop our psychic senses, we must first understand that we already possess them. They are inherently within us – we merely forgot about them. The idea is not to attain them, but to reactivate them, to open them back up. Our psychic senses are deeply connected to our right brain, the part that is intuitive, creative and empathic. The key is to quiet our left brain, the part that is sequential, analytical and mathematical. When we over think, we override our inner knowing.

The most effective method for strengthening our psychic senses is mediation. Not only is meditation a proven stress reliever but regular practice can also increase sensitivity to energy through the different clair-senses, and energy is after all the language of spirit. Journalling our thoughts, emotions and dreams can also help us to rediscover our psychic potential. When we spend time with ourselves in this very deep and vulnerable way, we empower our intuitive and emotional self to communicate with us and be heard. Externally, spending time with nature raises our vibration and to connect with spirit psychics must maintain a high vibrational state. A walking meditation through the forest trains our psychic senses to pay attentions to the subtle abounds and the energies of the trees, plants and animals. Crystals can also vibrate at very high frequencies and certain crystals are used by psychics to strengthen their psychic senses and channel energy to open to the spirit world. Holding a crystal, carrying it, meditating with it or sleeping with it near us can help attune us to spiritual energies.

As the idea of psychic senses continues to gain more acceptance, practitioners will continue to find new ways to develop them.

Who and What Can help you Develop your Psychic Abilities

Crystals: Work with crystals to help channel energy. During meditation, hold a high vibration crystal (clear, violet, indigo or other light colours) like clear quartz, amethyst, selenite or lapis lazuli in the left receiving hand and a grounding crystal (orange, red, black or other dark colours) like black tourmaline, smoky quartz, jasper or ruby in the right hand. They will act as conductors as we allow the flow of spirit and earth energy in the body.

Guided Meditations: There are many wonderful meditations available online. They can help to guide us in visualizing opening the chakras and tapping into energy. Personalising these meditations can make them much more powerful too.

Breathing Meditations: Air is the life force, but most people breathe through their chest when they should be breathing through their diaphragm. Breathing meditations help us to centre ourselves and feel deeper into the body.

Hemisync and binaursal meditations: These sound waves activate specific functions in the brain. They require headphones and they alternate between certain beats and tones to help listeners achieve a meditative trance state.

Spirit Assistance: It can be good to ask for protection before opening up to spirit. Even if we don’t see or feel our spirit helpers directly, asking is important. There are meditations and methods to meet our spirit helpers. As we begin to build a relationship with them, we will come to find which of them are able to help with psychic development, protection, love or other special forms of assistance.

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