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How Relationships Are Affected

We are now in Late Summer, which by Wu Xing is considered Earth Phase. This is a time that everything is at its ripest if it is a fruit, or a financial investment. This could mean many things about relationships; it would all depend on how the relationship started. One must go to the root of any issue, or what would be considered it's Wood Phase to determine where in will end up. In this sense, it is so true to say that we reap what we sow

In terms of, Supreme's math is Knowledge Power/Refinement All Being Born To Equality.
Equality means to deal equally in all things. ...Or, if I use an alchemic acronym A-I-R...which to adepts means Attention Intention Retention , all activated at once, balance and with equal force.
Air is the suit of keys in Tarot that corresponds to sharp intellect, keen mind, acute perception, etc.
In Wu Xing, the fact that there is a Sword symbol for this suit would make it Metal, elementally. In Chinese Medicine and Alchemy this is seen as the Po, or The Corporeal Soul...the part of man that returns to Earth when his soul leaves his some ways, his very breath.
We are now entering the Metal Phase, or autumn wherein everything begins to withdraw and dry up. Figuratively and literally.
This is not just a season, but an era in life...the senior years. When the hair turns grey, the wrinkles come, the muscle atrophy begins.

Back to how this applies to where we are now...Equality also means balance. In Tarot, there is a card called Justice.
It is The Zodiacal Trump of Libra. She holds a scale in one hand and a Sword in the other.
She is of the A-I-R element and is about equilibrium, balance, and, oh yes...karma.

The Universe has a balance system too, which activates when one is not dealing equally in all things. If you are not paying all your bills, eventually something is getting turned off.

This is the penalty, or rewards for your deeds and actions.  The type of energy the Metal season of autumn will soon bring us. If we are young it will manifest more mentally in the forms of the emotions Grief and Regret.

In terms of relationships...this could mean many things. I'll rewind back for a moment again and say, this depends on the Wood Phase of the issue, or how, what, why, and when it was birthed.

In Tarot the Equality Key is called in English, The Lovers, but in Hebrew Zayin ( ZAH-YEEN), which means 'sword'. On it are Wisdom (2) figures; a man (Knowledge) and a woman (Wisdom). Above them is the Archangel, Raphael. Toted to be a healing servant of the Judeo-Christian and Catholicized God.

The man stares at the woman and the woman looks to the skies. The Archangel ignores them both and allows a cloud to manifest between them so that they cannot see each other clearly, both desire each other greatly.
He desires her attention, for ego gratification and she desires him to be mesmerized by her beauty. She is in a sense aware of his attraction and using her beauty to guide him to something higher.   In essence, the sword of the archangel has divided them from each other to show each of them how badly they need each other to be one...or unified in purpose. Expect a lot of relationship weather this upcoming autumn, for better, or for worse.

Do not blame it on the cosmos so much, or a mysterious force, but rather look at it as a harvest of the fruit born out of all that came before the moment...the choices that were made.
I am available to shed light if you so desire.
Peace and Blessings
Golden Eye

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