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Happiness Is a Habit. Cultivate It.

Happiness, it’s a habit! It is also a choice. A conscious shift from fear to love. You see, we make our decisions from a place of love or fear, there is nothing in between. Your decisions are either love or fear - it’s as simple as that! Getting conscious with your thoughts, feelings and emotions will help you here to choose love over fear. 


How do you do that? 


Developed awareness (and conscious action). Get good at catching your mind out. Negative thoughts need to be squished (one by one if necessary). 


My top tips here:


Crush the negativity 


When you get a negative thought, think three positive ones in its place (immediately). If you can also anchor these positive thoughts to the initial negative thought, you are giving it more direct energy here. For example, if you have a negative thinking and anxiety around leaving your safe space, then start to imagine yourself in a positive light in direct relation to that, so that is, walking out the door with ease, feeling calm as you do so, meeting kind people along the road - damn skipping along the street if you like! You get the idea. Eventually you will see these negative thinking patterns fading. Be patient here as this is a process - new neurological pathways need to be formed here and letting go of the fear surrounding any of these thought patterns. 




We often hear the phrase ‘reframing’ or ‘reframing your mind’. What does it mean exactly and how does it work? Simple. You point your mind in a new direction. You rewire the mind. You remove negativity and replace it with positivity, so you are no longer consumed by negative thoughts and/or held back. You lift self-limiting beliefs. 


All of this starts with first ‘catching your mind out’. Catching it in the act. Basically, recognising its behaviour. For example, the ability to catch yourself talking yourself down and then stopping and shifting this. Flipping it on its head and doing the total opposite. All it’s really about is recognising your thoughts and your words / actions and analysing them so that you recognise negative behaviour and you quickly flip it. Acting quickly is key here. We can so easily play out a whole negative scenario in our heads which is so farfetched and so far from the truth. The ability to quickly stop this in its tracks is key. STOP! Shake it off and turn your thoughts to something else. Don’t dwell on it, we have all been there. In time, you will become a negativity diminishing, thought flipping pro! 




If you are feeling creative, try this activity. You can even get your children to help you with making it or get them to make their own. 


You will need an empty jar / box, small pieces of paper to roll up, a pen and a positive mind! 


On each of the small pieces of paper, write an affirmation. Try and think of what you believe you are not to help you create the positive affirmation. For example, if you feel you lack confidence, write “I am confident”; if you feel you make poor food choices, write “I am healthy” or “I eat healthy foods”. Always write your affirmation in the positive and try and keep them brief. Make as many as you like (or that fit in your jar / box). Roll them up and slot them in the jar / box. Each day, you can draw out an affirmation (or more than one a day if you like). 


Carry this with you or stick it somewhere you will read it often. If you feel a need for a pick-me-up, just go read it. Try and say it out loud. Telling yourself something out loud has a much deeper impact. Tell yourself as much as possible. I often say it three times (just to make sure it’s gone in!) 


Here are some of my favourite affirmations. You can use them as inspiration for the ones you create for your jar or box or copy them – I won’t mind! 


I am destined to be prosperous
I am open to receive an abundance of health, wealth and happiness
I am safe
I am confident
I live a joyful life
I am surrounded by abundance
My life is full of abundance
I always have what I need when I need it 

I have time
I am happy
I choose to be happy
I am here to make a bigger impact
I make my own choices
My life is mine to create
I am energy
Money flows to me
I attract positive people into my life
I am a prosperity powerhouse


Of course, your affirmations will be personal to you, and the ones you choose to create do not have to mirror any that have been written or spoken by others, but you may find some overlap, which is why I think it’s worth sharing some of the affirmations that I have found particularly effective in building my confidence and contributing to my high levels of happiness (hey, there is always more happiness readily available to you)! 


Live from the heart, always. 


“Happiness comes from you. No one else can make you happy. You make you happy.” 


Lots of love (and bringing you more) Hope xoxo

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