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How To Be Intuitive Part 1

This is a follow up from my last blog; How To Know If You Are Intuitive (spoiler alert: you are!).


If intuition is something to be learnt, how do we learn? Tell me everything!


Well, although my greatest fast-track to intuition advice would be to work alongside a professional psychic, there are ways you can train yourself too! It's just a little harder.


The first thing you need to do is to start connecting to your body. For those of us who have never done such a thing before, this will be quite a shift in awareness. You need to start noticing all the little sensations your body creates and try and piece together what they mean for you.


And by little sensations, I mean:

  • Tingling or prickling of the skin when someone specific is around you.
  • Unusual muscle tension when you walk into a room, e.g. clenching your fists.
  • A tightness in your chest or change in breathing.
  • Noticing feelings as soon as they come up, and asking yourself what it is that may have brought them on.
  • Recognising 'gut feelings' instantly and not dismissing them.


By becoming sensitive to the subtle inner changes of the body, you are allowing yourself to pick up ENERGY reactions. You are learning to trust yourself, trust your intuition and respect the messages your body is sending you.


Gut feelings are one of the most important parts of that. Yet in adult life we have become numb to these, shutting them away or ridiculing ourselves about them.


It's time you begin to trust yourself, to honour the messages you are receiving from your highest self and CONNECT to that wonderful intuition you house within.


Rebecca W

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