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Robert Lee

Halloween Tarot Reading

Get ready for great rewards and a happy life, you are entering into a new era of luxury and joy. This will only be down to your hard work and careful planning. The fruits of your labour are literally about to ripen! This could be in your career, relationship, hobby, fitness, or your desired area that you have been working on. Double the pleasure by revealing with friends this Halloween your newfound era!

The Nine of Pentacles is the perfect card for when you are ready to reap the rewards of your hard work and planning. You are going to be entering into a period of financial and personal satisfaction, no matter if you are coming out of hardships or just starting out. This card is a reminder to saver the present while you strive for your future!

The Ace of Pentacles card is literally the perfect card for an interesting and joyful Halloween! You are going to be enjoying a lucky start to a new productive period in your life and you are going to be basking in the rewards that come with working hard. You are also going to be entering into a phase of stable relationship, whether that is love or plutonic and having a blast with family, friends, or work colleagues this Halloween!

The Knight of Pentacles brings stability, honour, and dependability to your life - perfect for those who take Halloween seriously! His presence in your spread may hint at your own traits of patience and honour, so take the plunge and see what fortune awaits you this Halloween… Try something different whether that is food, clothes, deodorant, live a little!

Pentacles promises a fresh start this Halloween!

Speak Soon,

Robert Lee

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