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Gypsy Cards


As June is mainly in Gemini the planet ruled by Mercury which rules buses, trains, cars along with anything that moves on road – Gypsy Caravans I have enclosed the idea of explaining – WHAT ARE GYPSY CARDS.


 Gypsy cards are basically a set of picture cards that are random and have no set format and they can vary from deck to deck.  They can have 36 cards to 52 cards and they vary a lot in design.

Part of the reason for this is that Gypsy families used to make up their own individual cards with just drawings and water colour paints onto paper.

I have more than one deck and I got my cards from two different suppliers both in Sydney Australia. However in saying that, my very first deck I found in a second hand bookshop and was published back in the 1980s.  I was just wandering around the suburb of Newton which was up the road from where I am staying at the Ladies College which was part of Sydney University.  I was actually attending an Astrology Conference and had no lecture to attend and it was such a lovely day to be outside.  This deck was put out by a British firm called Barons and this particular deck is now out of print.  This deck is called Gypsy Fortune and its author is Lady Lorelei.  They came in a hard cover book with the cards neatly in a package on the other inside the book’s cover.  They had never been used and were still in their original packing, so for something different I purchased this deck for the small sum of $20 – a bargain in my opinion.  This was my introduction into the world of Gypsy cards.  What is unusual in this deck is that the cards can also be read in reversed position.   Some of the names are similar to Lenormand card because Gypsy cards were around long before Lenormand cards came into print.

One day, whilst on Facebook I noticed a small advertisement saying – “Genuine Gypsy Cards available”.  So one click of the button and found my supplier here in Australia.   My first two decks came in April 2013 and they were the Deluxe Gypsy Deck and the Gypsy Tarot Deck.  So what differences is there between the two?

The Deluxe deck is based on some ancient Greek Myths and has Golden Apple, Medusa, Pegasus and Sirens featured in this deck.  Also what is different – no man or women, but three Hearts so I use this deck for same sex relationships.

The Gypsy Tarot Deck runs along the lines of a more traditional gypsy deck and it not related to any particular culture.

So if you wish to have a Gypsy card reading with me – give me a call when I am online.

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gypsy cards

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