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Ghosts And Hauntings


This is something I have been asked time after time; it is also something I have pondered on and spoken with others about.

Do I believe there are hauntings?  Yes, I do.  But I also feel there are three types of haunting.  Firstly, the memory of a building.  The memory of a place, the energy that was there almost imprints on the place.  This is shown when the same person or thing is seen at the same time, in the same, way time after time by different people.  Not everyone can be wrong, can they?  Some will be people who have heard about it and just repeat the same thing, but not all.  When the ‘not all’ repeat the same thing then there has to be something in it.

I know some psychics do not believe in ghosts, but mediums … different story.  We are all psychic, but not all psychics are mediums.

Visitation ghosts or grounded ghosts.  I absolutely believe in them as I have seen them.  In fact, I live with a ghost cat and I have seen on my CCTV a spirit entering my house.  In addition to this I also know there is a picture of a ghost that has been locked away in the archives for 50 years as it is so crystal clear and the place it was taken wanted privacy.  This picture was taken at an event night that I did one All Hallows Eve. 

In around another 40 years or so, it can be released.  I do not hold the copyright on the photo, but I have seen it.  It is as clear as you and I looking at each other and the photographer knew that person was nowhere in the locked down building.

If ghosts were not real then how do we account for the hundreds of thousands of people that see their loved ones after they pass … or as they pass?

The ghost cat that lives in my house that has been seen by at least 10 people that I know of, most likely more that I do not know about.   It loves the lounge and hallway.  It’s like looking at a shadow walking across the room, but it is clearly the body of a cat.  If it were not real then it would not have been seen by three different families living in this house.

I have seen so many different things, not just in the physical but also in the mind’s eye.  Others have seen far more than I and some have not seen a single thing.  Not seeing it does not mean it does not exist, it just means you haven’t seen it. 

Never say never …


Shelly x

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