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Finding Your Personality Card In The Tarot

I have recently been doing a little more in depth research into the ways the tarot can help us and guide us forward. Of course readings and predictions are great and they can really help to guide us when life gets confusing or difficult. I always feel that a reading should leave you feeling better than you did before it started and that does not mean that we all have to be positive all the time, that would be unrealistic after all, but is does mean that a reading should be able to show you how to make progress and how to find a bit of a light in the darkness when things are a bit bleak.

Tarot is great for this but it can also help us to understand a little bit more about ourselves too. A simple practice of drawing a tarot card each day can really help you to work out what is going on for you both in your internal and external world. Journaling the card and your feelings can really help you to process what is going on for you.

Before starting this process though I think it is a really useful exercise to find your tarot personality card. This card will show you your character portrayed through an archetypal image, it will represent key character traits and help to identify your life mission or purpose. It can describe to you the image that you show to the world and also the energy you hold within you.

To find your tarot personality card all you need to do is to add together all the numbers in your birthdate, we only use the major arcana for this so we need to get to a number between 1 and 22. So this is a bit of a blend between tarot and numerology. For example if your date of birth was today (16.1.2018) you would add 1+6+1+2+0+1+8 = 19 making your personality card The Sun! In this case the number 19 can be further broken down to give you a soul card (in this case number 1 The Magician 1+9 = 10, 1+0= 1) but more on that another timeJ.

The personality card for a person born today would be the Sun, someone with a bright sunny disposition and who would bring light and joy to their world. Optimistic and positive in their attitude there purpose would be to spread joy and happiness in all that the do.

So once you have worked out your Personality card,  have a good look at it , see if you can relate to the traits of that card …  it might well give you a sense of recognition of what image you portray to others and yourself. It might also enlighten you as to why you see things the way you do, or react in the way that you do. It might show you the sort of career path that you will enjoy and it might also highlight any potential hiccups that you might found on the way. It is worth having a look at the card from a few different decks to see which imagery you can relate to. It can be a very enlightening process!

If you are planning on having a reading with me at any time I would be happy to have a look at your personality card with you, no need to reveal your date of birth to me you can just do the additions to get to the number between 1-22 and we can look at the card and what it means to you J




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