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Finding YOUR Soul Mate

With Valentines approaching fast I feel the urge to share.  Frequently I am asked “Is he/she my soul mate?”  This is a most difficult question to answer.  It all depends on what you believe a “Soul Mate” is.  Some see the Hollywood ‘happy ever after version’ where each soul has one perfect match. Not everyone prescribes to that philosophy. 
The real question being asked therefore, is: “Are we compatible, and is this fate?”  The universe has blessed us all with free will. There will be signs throughout life, which sometimes we ignore. Have some of us set such high standards that we let love slip through our fingers waiting for “Mr Right?”  “Mr. Right-Now could have brought you so much happiness. Love is everywhere you turn, you need only open your mind to the possibilities.
Although a soul-contract may be formed the very minute your eyes meet, this does not mean that lasting love will take less work.
No one person is perfect. True Love is adoring a person BECAUSE of their imperfections, and not in spite of them. 
No one person can complete you. You must first make yourself whole. It is not healthy to spend a life time blaming a partner for imperfections that reside within yourself. You, and you alone are responsible for your happiness. 
No relationship is perfect, and ‘conventional’ need not play central role. Love and relationships are like women. They come in different shapes and sizes, yet are beautiful, awesome and strong in their unique way. Ignore gossip. It usually stems from envy. Take the compliment that somebody is jealous of what you are and have. ? 
Dare I say this during the season of romance?....

Love does not always last forever. The universe pleads that you do not become cynical, mistrustful, fearful, angry, and withdrawn. The ending was difficult. Endings always are. However, The Death Tarot Card tells us to remember that life is cyclical. Beginnings cannot happen without an end. Please focus on the joy that you were blessed with during this union. Congratulate yourself! You have the unique skills required to connect with another human on a spiritual level. That skill is still yours. Please use it again. 
We do not NEED a partner. Yet, consider this: Life is a journey. It brings ups, it brings downs, twists and unexpected turns. Life can deliver pain, sorrow happiness and ecstasy. Look to your side at that person. If you honestly believe they have made this journey more comfortable and fun simply by sharing it….. Then you will know that you have met your soul mate.
Most importantly… Love yourself! The Law of Attraction says: What you put out you get back.  Leave doubt at the door.  This will happen because YOU are beautiful YOU are loveable and YOU deserve it.
Love is in every corner of your life. Wishing you all the ability to see it this Valentines.

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