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Feel the Heal: National Relaxation Day

The human mind plays a crucial role in processing information, but at times, it can become fixated, influenced, or trapped in cycles shaped by past experiences, trauma, and unresolved issues. While it is essential to harness the power of the mind, it can sometimes take over like an autopilot and dominate our lives.

As individuals, our environment and experiences constantly stimulate us, whether they occur in the present or originate from our past. To address stress, overcome challenges, and let go of mental burdens that no longer serve us, personalised approaches based on star signs can prove beneficial. Many people resort to readings, prayer, and meditation to draw strength during worrisome times.

Achieving peace can take diverse forms, and it's essential to experiment with various methods. One can start by focusing on their moon, sun, or rising sign, or even try them all for a fulfilling experience.


To facilitate healing, consider ordering cacao powder and creating a sacred at-home ceremony. Nourish the heart and enhance decision-making abilities, enabling you to live more authentically from the heart.


Immerse yourself in a soothing dream vision quest by listening to a sacred shamanic drumming podcast or engaging in meditative exercises. Connect with your higher self, soul, and other chakras and energies to navigate daily life.


Spend time in nature to release tension and experience joy. Take a one-hour walk to a sacred place or a peaceful meadow and incorporate deep breathing exercises to replenish your energy and connect with the present moment.


Engage in swimming, whether it's at a spa, sauna, local baths, or lido. This practice will replenish and relax you, fostering a sense of happiness, playfulness, and emotional freedom, ultimately calming an overworked mind.


Indulge in sound bathing to foster relaxation and healing. Surround yourself with crystals and pink candles and immerse yourself in at least an hour of sound bathing meditation to let go and find inner peace.


Nourish yourself with delicious, super-energizing soul food. Prepare a meal with avocado, mozzarella, basil, celeriac, beef tomato salad with pesto, followed by moussaka topped with melted cheese, and end with a cacao chocolate cake and warm vanilla custard with açai berries.


Embark on a Theta sleep journey using soothing soul-healing meditations to achieve a cleansing sleep. Keep a journal to note any insights, intuitions, or answers that arise during this rejuvenating process.


Enrol in salsa dancing classes to infuse your life with detoxifying fun and burn away cares. Move your hips and release any stored anguish, leaving you feeling light, joyous, and revitalized.


Treat yourself to a relaxing at-home steam with essential oils and salts. Choose oils such as Orange, Bergamot, Frankincense, Frangipani, and Lavender, and use Epsom or Himalayan salt in a foot spa for a soothing experience.


Incorporate honey, especially Manuka, into your diet for a week to benefit from its healing properties. Spend time in nature, visit a farm shop, and explore healing waters to connect with Mother Nature.


Book a deep tissue massage to drain lymph nodes, recharge muscle tissue, and achieve a profound sense of relaxation. Remember to increase water intake afterward for enhanced results.


Consider past life regression through hypnosis to explore any stored fears or responses that may be influencing your current habits. Maintain a journal to reflect on your feelings and discoveries during this process.

Let me know how it goes!

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