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Featured Reader - Eve


Hi, I’m Eve. I have a long standing love for the Tarot. I’ve been in a relationship with the cards for over thirty years and use them intuitively. I’m also what’s known as claircognizant – though it’s taken me a good number of years to accept this fully. Why? Because it’s an odd thing to suddenly, out of the blue, know something. Just know it. But have no way of tracing what you suddenly know back to any reasoning for why you know what you know. I don’t hear messages, I don’t see spirit or aura or sense, smell or feel something. I just know.

This is probably one of the main reasons I use Tarot. Using the cards as a focal point, I’m able to channel my intuition, your intuition (and yes, I firmly believe we all have intuition – it’s just at different levels of development), and whatever comes from the blue much better – and with more context and connection – to allow us to work together to really explore the issue at hand. I’m constantly amazed at the level of insight and depth of feeling the cards evoke – in both me and those I’m reading for.

How they work is a mystery I’ve given up trying to unravel, though it has to be said I’m an obsessive learner and deck collector, so perhaps I haven’t quite given that up yet! That they work is proven time and again to me when readings uncover and explain some hitherto forgotten or neglected feeling, action or behavior that, a lot of the time, has a person either stuck or going in endless circles because of indecision or fear of the unknown. It’s at those times, when the cards can reveal the subconscious and our true selves, and provide a framework for clearing away old and hurtful feelings and attitudes, that I feel most connected to both cards and you.

I’m very honest in readings when I say the cards can’t predict the future – and neither can I. The future is not fixed – today is the sum of all of our yesterdays, what you, and everyone connected to you, do now shapes tomorrow but tomorrow brings new choices and more people so even more ways to shape the next day and so on. Weather forecasting now needs a supercomputer – and it’s only dealing with the laws of physics and chemistry; can you imagine if it had to deal with people and all their emotions and baggage too? No, what we’re looking for in the cards - and what we get in spades if we open our mind and heart - is the potential; where might something go if you act on what we uncover? I’m thankful for that – I want to know I can control and shape my own future – and so can you.

Someone asked me once why I do readings for other people – for people I don’t know. It’s as simple as because I care. There aren’t many times or ways when we get to have a positive impact on the life of a total stranger – and there are very few things that match the feeling of knowing you’ve helped someone find their way through a situation which has had them puzzled, frustrated, worn down or confused. When the cards allow someone to see light and have hope I’m moved to have been part of the process.

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