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How I love to help

I have wanted to write about how I actually work for many, many years but it is such a sensitive subject I have not been able to articulate it… until now after a reading with a man whose father passed over and he encouraged me to be more deliberate with my skills.

The man in question was not asking about his Dad but I felt his father’s presence and energy and as I carefully passed on the words and mainly the vibrations (vibes) wanting to be expressed the querent began to cry. I felt a lot of movement in my heart as I tend to feel very deeply the persons feelings I am reading for (this is known in the psychic world as Clairsentient) and knew that he needed this release more than anything because he was also holding on to some guilt that his father wanted him to know was not necessary any more.

The reason this man wanted me to talk more about my skills is because of how I dealt with his emotions when they arose. Nearly every time a loved one who has passed comes through, the querent will feel a wave and sometimes a rush of strong energies varying in depth, degree and tone.   

I have studied and practiced  psychotherapy, Counseling and emotional trauma/ release work for decades and know the language of energy and how to heal and transform the many varied elements of whatever arises with the tools I’ve learned and the different ways of applying them.

For me this works alongside the information that unfolds within a reading the psychic mediumistic work collaborates and harmonizes with the tools I’ve learned in the many therapeutic skills I have integrated from the world of counseling and healing. The outcome assures a deeply nurturing session if that is what is needed and required.

The areas I find I am called for mostly are suicides and parents who have passed suddenly  without communicating to their loved ones unresolved misunderstandings. Within a reading together I clear up many of the hurts and unspoken words… giving them a voice so finally the querent can feel able to continue forward and be fully alive to their life!

So back to the man I read for who’s father came through   … he told me he felt embarrassed to open this way, I assured him it was a very important part of his healing and this is when he told me a story unfortunately I have heard before even in the counseling field!... he had opened up to someone about a relationship and began to unravel his sadness. The reader told him he was a man and he was strong enough to ‘go beyond’ his emotions and that they were all ‘just an illusion’ anyway. This kind of response is not only out of date, but it can make the person feel ashamed to be human and can confuse someone therefore halting the healing process.

I feel very passionate about healing and voicing emotions, as I see how society in general has not really much room or understanding for these powerful feelings that are desperate to be heard. It is now common to hear of people having to go onto medication pills after going through a trauma which doesn’t offer a resolution for the long term and may actually block the individual even making one worse!

So I am here to say to you, or any one you know that youcan feel free to go through anything at all that matters to you deeply with me there as a support as a guide and a healer to finally face the energies within that may need some attention, love and guidance.

With love, light and healing



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