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Dowsing and Pendulums

Dowsing and Pendulums

What is dowsing? Traditionally it is and was where rods (initially made of wood, then later made of metal) were used to locate whatever the dowser was seeking, be it minerals, water, anything they wished to find. The art of dowsing goes back centuries, but it was in more recent times that we started to use pendulums in the spiritual world.

I have some lovely ones, but to be honest, a pebble on a piece of string will be just as effective! So long as it is cleansed … you do not need to spend a fortune on anything in order to dowse and it is not a gift, it is a learned skill, this means you do not have to be psychic to do it or learn how to do it.

From my limited knowledge of it, the practice used within the spiritualism fields comes from an Anglo-Saxon archaeologist called Letherbridge. He was the one who allegedly developed the pendulum method that we use to this day.

For the purpose of this blog, I will talk about the one end of the pendulum as a chain and the bottom heavier end as the crystal. But remember, a string and pebble will do so long as the pebble is heavy enough to pull the string down.

To dowse effectively you need to know your crystal.  Hold your pendulum at the end of the chain end, in one hand, whichever one is your strongest. Some say use the other hand so you can write with your stronger hand, but I would suggest the stronger hand as it will not shake as much. I personally wrap the end of the chain over my middle finger and suspend the chain securely from that. Hold it firmly, with your elbow on a table and begin by establishing what is ‘yes’ and what is ‘no’.  I will also support the wrist area with my other hand.

You ask the pendulum to ‘show me yes’.  The pendulum will swing either back and forth or go round in a circular movement. This may take some practice but it will indicate to you which your pendulum prefers. Once you have established this (and after the jaw dropping moment when you realise that your pendulum is swinging of its own accord) you can begin to ask it questions that are specific, but the answer has to be yes or no.  Start with simple things. 

A good exercise to do is as follows. Get someone to move an object in the house to a place you do not know.  Then start asking the pendulum questions such as ‘is the object in the upper rooms?’  If it says yes, then you ask ‘is the object in the lower rooms?’ as this should then be a firm no. This confirms that you start looking upstairs. You can then ask the pendulum room by room.

Dowsing will take practice so if you do not feel it is happening for you initially, keep at it. I also find that I have to ‘feel’ the crystal I use.  When picking a crystal simply see which one you feel is the right one for you. I have several that I use for different things; the ones that I use for house cleansings and Geopathic Stress Cleansings are not the same ones I use for ‘yes/no’ questions. I personally find that a dowsing crystal being used for just one purpose makes it easier for the crystal to tune to that purpose.

I kept one of my pendulums on a metal holder hanging. I eventually put it into a lovely velvet container as whilst I was reading it would start swinging on its own and to be honest, it was quite off putting! But, it shows my connection to that pendulum.

Pendulums are just one area of dowsing; in later blogs I will expand more on how it can be used in the spiritual/psychic world.

Please remember that it should not be used for personal greed or gain.  I am not talking about finding a lost object or as in years gone by, people dowsing for water to drink; fuel to keep warm etc, but I am on about greed.  Always approach dowsing and pendulum use from a good, positive place, as with any spiritual tools.

Enjoy your pendulums!


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